Udaan – A Movie Review

Language: Hindi; Date of Release: Jult 16, 2010; Category: Family Drama

The movie is the directorial debut of the very talented Vikramaditya Motwane. Having worked on some iconic films as a screenwriter, assistant director and choreographer, once again he has proved his forte in the field of direction adding one more star to his crown. The movie is an Anurag Kashyap production and his impression is evident on every part of the movie.

Though having not fared well at the box office, Udaan is a thought provoking movie which does not resemble the usual Bollywood masala flicks but cannot be categorized as non-commercial as well.

It is the story of a teenager who has his own aspirations and dreams however they are discarded as impractical by his father. The lead character, Rohan played by new comer Rajat Barmecha, is a 17 year old boy who gets expelled from one of the most famous schools in the country for his misconduct along with three other friends. The movie talks about his journey there after till the time he decides to take the leap. His father, Bhairav Singh played by Ronit Roy, has been projected as very strict and insensitive to his kids’ emotions.

When Rohan comes after spending eight years in boarding school, he finds out he has a 6 year old step brother to whom he becomes the only support eventually. Child actor – Aayan, has done a fabulous job as Arjun- younger step brother to Rohan and he scores cent percent for his performance. Both of them become victims to their father’s wrath which originates out of being alone and frustrated at work. Gradually, Rohan realizes that he needs to change things not just for himself but for his brother too and that is when he rebels. And finally the bird breaks the trap and flies off.

With a very non glamorous but talented star cast and an atypical bollywood story, the movie does leave an imprint on the audience more deeply at certain instances while on the contrary at certain places it seems redundant and a bit boring and predictable. The part where the strictness of his father has been shown gets too stretched which then comes to an abrupt end with Rohan walking out of the house. The movie would have definitely been better if the duration had been kept lesser and the story line succinct and to the point. That would definitely have had a greater impact on the viewer.

Unlike typical regional movies, there are no song sequences except for two which provide the background score. The songs have brilliant lyrics and exquisite composition which go along with the theme. Amit Trivedi as a music director has done a fantastic job indeed.

The cinematography is good with more emphasis on darker lighting and ambience. The editing could have been better and compositions improved. The strong screenplay gives a lot of scope for experimentation which has not been exploited to the limit. The acting has been great but better direction would have made it a captivating must watch.

Despite the flaws, which are inevitable, the movie strikes the audience somewhere really hard. Teenagers especially can connect to the movie completely and their parents will definitely get fits of fear and learning. The story intends to send a message across saying that all humans have a hidden dream and one should let that dream become a reality. A child is like a bird. The more we try to trap him, the more rebellious he will become. Also, the movie has been able to bring forth the ill effects of habits like smoking, drinking etc. and the fact that majority of teenagers have the tendency to fall for them because of societal factors. The misconception in the communities regarding the same has also been touched up a bit which sure will have an effect on the viewers.

The movie could have been more successful in terms of getting the message across had it been more courageously experimental. The story loses momentum at certain places and tends to focus more on the atrocities of the father’s character than the other aspects during a major part. Rohan’s character cannot be categorized. There are glimpses of him being a rebel and timid intermittently. The same goes for the character of Bhairav Singh (Rohan’s father) with streaks of parental realization and ignorant crassness in his behavior.

Nonetheless, Udaan has undoubtedly been a relief from the romantic and action series of Hindi movies in Bollywood. The trailers seemed excellent but we have to settle down for a ‘very good’ rating. However, it certainly inspires one to break the bondages and chase one’s dreams with a hope in heart and strength in mind. Hence, the story is able to accomplish some of things which it aimed to.

Seema Dahiya