Udaan – A Movie Review

Udaan which released on 16th July, 2010 left a deep impact on its viewers. Directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and produced by debutant producer Sanjay Singh, Anurag Kashyap and Ronnie Screwwala. Udaan is a deeply emotional movie which portrays a strained father-son relationship and how parents force their kids to follow rules and conventional norms. However, the main focus is on the protagonist Rohan and kids like him who want to break free and discover their own world.

The film stars:
Rajat Barmecha as a rebellious teenager
Ronit Roy as a strict father
Ram Kapoor as a benevolent uncle
Aayan Boradia as Arjun


The movie begins with the central character, Rajat Barmecha (Rohan), sneaking out of school with his three friends and getting caught by the hostel warden. As a punishment Rohan then his sent back home. He then sets out for his hometown, Jamshedpur where he meets his authoritarian father after eight years who is unhappy to see him and a 6-year old step-brother, Arjun, whom he never knew existed. Rohan dreams of being writer but on knowing this, his father beats him up violently and forcefully sends him to an engineering college. The father, a control freak, makes both the sons call him ‘sir’ instead of ‘papa’, orders Rohan to join his factory, drinks heavily, loses temper easily and gets emotionally and physically abusive towards his sons in order to assert his point. Rohan, a rebellious teenager, writes beautiful poems and throughout the movie they aptly fit into the situation and mood of the screenplay. At the end Rohan breaks free from his oppressive father and takes his step-brother along to embark on a new journey.


The pace of the film is very slow and becomes repetitive in few scenes such as, the jogging scene which goes on and on, the daily pub routine of Rohan, the drinking sessions of Rohan’s father; and the hospitalization of Arjun. Nevertheless, the actors and the director used this repetition to bring out the complex human emotions.
The complete cast gives an exceptionally good performance. Debutant Rajat Barmecha is remarkably good and Ronit Roy has given a very mature and controlled performance. Ram Kapoor, as an uncle has acted very well and so has Arjun, the little step-brother who is very convincingly as an innocent child whose father dominates and abuses him.
The film’s soundtrack by Amit Trivedi suits the mood of the film and makes the viewer wish for Rohan’s freedom and ‘Udaan’. There are 7 tracks and each one of them are touching and simple.

‘Udaan’ is a must watch for everyone – parents and teenagers alike. It will impact especially those who have had a troubled childhood, have faced any kind of oppression or subjugation or have unfulfilled dreams. The film is a reflection of life and of our country’s moral values. It is a nice change from the typical Bollywood clichés. I hope for more of such movies which celebrate the rebellious spirit of the youth. It is a welcome change from the typical romances and Hollywood copies.

Mahima Taneja

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