Ulterior Motives

What would you do if you planned to spend the Mothers Day weekend with family but on your way from the airport, your dad, who had come to receive you, gets kidnapped? The ransom demand to get your father back ALIVE is no less than a million-dollar!

Ulterior Motives, a crime drama novel is exactly based on this concept. However, kidnapping the protagonist’s father just doesn’t end at demanding a ransom amount. It goers further on to reveal a few deep, dark hidden secrets and unveils true faces of ‘friends.’

Chicago-based author Mark ONeal, a Business Administration graduate and a banker by profession for well over a decade now, wrote this fictional work Ulterior Motives. ONeal specializes in writing suspense thriller novels which is best displayed in this book!

Very aptly, ONeal has based this crime drama in Chicago where he belongs thus giving a realistic approach to almost every incident mentioned and adding enough drama and action as every new facet unfolds. The story revolves around the protagonist Maurice Ousley, fondly addressed as Mo by ‘his people.’ Mo is a rising basketball champion who is on a weekend vacation to spend time with his family consisting of his step father Brent and step brother Junior. While on the way from the airport to home, his father gets kidnapped for a million-dollar ransom. Although Mo had a devastating first-round loss in the playoffs earlier, yet he manages to arrange a million-dollar within fourty eight hours but at a heavy cost. The losses incurred in the way are surprisingly dreadful.