To see the unseen is the most exciting revelation in a journey. I believed it when I saw the absolute damsel among the seven beauties. When I packed my bags and started for my journey, I was only happy that I am getting a break from my monotonous work and was thrilled to see the jealous faces of my slogging colleagues. I hardly knew that this journey would be one of the most memorable one of my life and the spectacular scenic beauty waiting as a treat to my eyes was unbelievable.

I took the morning flight of Indigo from Kolkata to Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Flying over the rivers and the enjoying the greenery of Bangladesh I reached Agartala in 50 minutes. The freshness of the lush green mountains and the warmth of the sun rays for the first time made me feel that I have come to a different state, though I have been to so many other states in other occassions. A place like Agartala is worth mentioning from all aspects but among all the beauties Unnokoti is the most wonderful one.

Unnokoti is situated in the eastern side of Tripura; 178 km away from Agaratla. You can take a train or a cab and get down at Kailashahar. Speciality of Unnokoti is that it is situated between the lush green forests and mountains standing tall. Within this, a large area has been covered with carvings and sculptures of deities. The beauty of the carvings and the ethnicity of the sculptures have been enhanced by the greenery surrounding it and protecting it throughout the ages. Archaeologists are still working on this place to find more about its history. However, a rough estimate has been stated and has been dated to 9 A.D.

The myth behind this historical place is that while travelling to Kashi all the gods and goddesses halted here to take rest. It was decided that the journey will be commenced before the sunrise. But nobody woke up before the sunrise except Lord Shiva. Hence, due to the curse of Shiva all the deities turned into stone. Since then this place was named as Unnokoti, as there are one less than a crore deities carved in this mountain.

The beautiful carvings on the mountains and the disheveled state made me wonder not once but many a times about the advanced architectural skills and the precision of the artisans who made it and visualized such a breathtaking archaeological feat. You will definitely get engrossed in the serenity, the calmness of the place while you enjoy the cool splashes of the stream water running below the mountain.

The beautiful chirpings of different kinds of birds, the chanting of the priest who has been worshipping an idol of Shiva for the last 3 generations, the steep stairs and the shadows of the huge trees makes you feel that a untold story is waiting here to be told for a long time . The feeling is extremely thrilling and to fathom this experience you have to be a part of this adventurous journey and enjoy the bliss of ultimate beauty and peace.

So pack your bags and head to north east.

P.S: Monsoons are a messy season for a vacation but then again the greenery and the streams oozes out in full spirits during this season.

Sridatta Gupta