Unconventional Businesses

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”, so had said Richard Branson.He had perhaps not thought that in a few years, business would become easier for the whole world. That as the tried and tested methods began to fail people would emerge with the new concept of Home Businesses, which are otherwise known as Unconventional Businesses.


Recently, while searching the internet for a good publishing house, I came across innumerable self-publishing companies. They were claimed to be not only national, but also international. After interacting with them, I realized this had grown into a really good business ground. Authors who wished to be published did so via these houses and in return, both earned something. (Though they never disclose the amount, I am sure the royalties are pretty high.)


Nursery schools at home have become another form of unconventional business. All you need is an ayah, a couple of teachers, easy availability to doctors – a big enough house and you are ready to roll. Also, one needs to make sure the parents can be easily accessed lest something happens.


Self-publishing houses and home-schools are not the end of the unconventional businesses. While scavenging through the sundry papers and articles and other reference materials, I was amused to learn about the top ten unconventional businesses.


Topping the list was a man by the name of Michael Senoff, who earns money by re-selling old seminar materials to marketing gurus. The stakes of his profits come to be over $ 1000 a day!


Following him close behind, were Katherine Keane, who makes money by uploading songs into people’s ipods and Joshua Opperman, who created a website for people to sell off their ex-fiancé’s diamond rings at a decent price.


Selling old things through websites is common nowadays. But what is not common is being paid to write a blog or be part of a writer’s revolution. There are websites that pay you every time someone hits your homepage, reads an article or comments on it. It sounds strange, but that’s exactly how the world has become now.


Beauty salons have created a whole new revolution and sparked up newer professions such as ‘nail technician’, ‘hair specialist’, ‘skin expert’. What used to be the job of one person, has now become the one job for many people! The beauty salons have created a boom in the world of business – since everyone wants to look good.


Another business that has brought about a change is designing websites. A team of workers from home collaborate to make a perfect website. They are doing great business working from home as well.


Business accessed from home – that’s the spirit everywhere. In a world filled with terrorism and the threat to be killed anytime, anywhere, people want to be as close to their families as possible. Thanks to the e-revolution, that has become possible. Everyone has begun to warm up to the new way of business as well.


People have loved the new take on business. They know that it might take time to become popular, but as Steve Ballmer had said – “I like to tell people that all of our products and business will go through three phases. There’s vision, patience, and execution.”


Aniesha Brahma

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/aberouch/1240916985/]