Unfriendly Video Games


Video games have been around for over 50 years now. And much to our understanding we don’t realise its harmful effects on us. Apart from the fact that video games are entertaining and exciting to play with, they are the primary reason for some of the major problems caused to the human mind and body.

Aggressive behavior, long-term depression and eye problems are known to be some of the major illnesses found in children who are addicted to video games. Other effects of this sort of an addiction are poor lifestyle, less social life, lower health status- mentally and physically. Children tend to get hooked on to those games which have more graphic reality, leading to obesity, which is found to be one of the principal problems among children today. Video games are generally played in closed rooms accompanied by a lot of munching which leads to irregular eating habits. Too much food intake without much body movement leads to the production of excess fat in the belly.

Not all video game players are victims to such problems; it’s only the addicts who face such consequences. In a recent analysis, statistics show that almost 65 percent of video game addicts are obese. Video games do have beneficial effects too, if used moderately. There are games such as the Nintendo Wii, which can boost the immune system and cardiovascular health of the child by moving body parts just like when you are physically playing a sport.

Causes for such an addiction vary from person to person but on similar lines. Children without siblings tend to seek companionship from video games, but even children with siblings tend to get addicted to it. This is because they either don’t indulge in outdoor activities or see their friends with such video games. The reason for such addiction is endless.

The percentage of children getting hooked on to video games in increasing day-by-day because of the rapid growth of gadgets in themarket. Statistics suggest that since the past 10 years, gadgets from mobiles to hand video games and TV games have spread to such an extent among the youth (aged 6-24), that it is almost impossible to stop their usage. But parents and teachers can definitely try and reduce the usage of these gadgets by increasing their educational work, diverting their minds to more creative work, encouraging them to get involved in various sports and other forms of exercise.

A recent study on Indian children from upper middle class families suggests that when kids return from school they tend to find peace in video games. When you get too addicted to it, then all you’re thinking of during school hours is which game you are going to play once you get back home; from where do you have to continue, etc.

School going children must involve themselves in a creative usage of the mind. This article does not state that video games of all forms are bad for children and the adults concerned should take strict action to help children avoid its usage. Video games, as mentioned, do have some good qualities too. But the fact is, these games are made only for leisure time and should not barge into your routine.

Sneha Krishnan

Image Source [http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2014/05/03/00/50/video-controller-336657_640.jpg]