Unhappy People Can Be Very Dangerous, Don’t Ever Forget That


When we read books, the world changes, our perceptions change, and for the duration a particular book is read, the same is felt by the reader. Reading Harry Potter and the absence of Hogwarts will pain you like thousands pins on your body; reading Chronicles of Narnia and you would gaze at your door fondly and for long so that it can convert into a gateway to the magical land; reading the Shiva trilogy and you can’t help but wish to go to the time wherein Shiva with the blue throat made appearance.

Books change us and evolve us, and also at times make us believe in a life that exists just for our imagination and not reality. As per a research, people who read books viciously are known to be empathetic in general, that is, being able to understand and go through others’ feelings. It is my belief, book embodies a soul, a soul wanting to be understood and read, and that’s where we readers come into the picture. We live in the book, and consequently for it too.

Books fan our imagination, and create a diversion which is worthy enough to chuck the real world. Excessive readers know that with the help of a book we can battle reality, and when required, ignore it too. They help us with our daily hassles, and promises a world of hope, promises and happy ending.

However, there are some books that promises a world of terror, pain, anxiety and a dark matter that one would wish to never come true. Such books are called psychological thrillers, the book that promise us everything but a happy ending. They seamlessly amalgamate chaos with a world of detailed eerie settings. The plot twists, the emotionally traumatized characters, the fear, the anxiety, the wait – all are the things that makes me love the section of psychological thrillers.

So, here’s a list of few books that should be read, if one has a taste for the dark, and most importantly the courage for it.

  1. Shutter Island – Dennis Lehane

Set in 1954, the book will make one question reality. The novel captivates and submerges the reader in a constant and eerie surrealism. The mystery is founded on confusion and vague facts; nothing seems real, or authentic, until the very end, or maybe not then too.

  1. Before I Go To Sleep- S.J. Watson

The most unnerving aspect of Before I Go to Sleep, is the way it is rooted in the domestic, the suburban, the trivial, and the normality of a household. A woman wakes up in hospital one day, to have acquired amnesia after what is believed to be a car crash by her. She has been able to store her memories for the past 24 hours. Every morning when she wakes she has forgotten the circumstances of her life and must relearn them from scratch. It’s her journey to figure out the past 24 hours, so as to know the actual reason for her to lose her memory.

  1. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

It’s a story of a love gone woefully wrong and crazy. In order to teach her husband a lesson on his cheating, she faked her own murder and left behind clues that would put the blame easily on the husband. It is a dark, disturbing account of a wife’s sudden disappearance, a must read as its one of the most successful thrillers of all times.

  1. We Need To Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver

The book is set amidst the time of 2000 US Presidential Elections, and deals with the story of a high school massacre. The book explores the trails of maternity and how it can actually be a traumatic experience for the marriage, and the character development of a kid to be a murderer. The mothers asks the question of whether she created a monster out of her child, or he was one since beginning.

With a rainy weekend (hopefully reluctant), let’s cozy up with some crazy story than the lovey ones that leave us teary-eyed. Let us read a book that might leave us scared to even walk out of our room, or a book that would just make us wonder about the complexities of human nature. Shall we?

Yugansha Malhotra

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