Unravelling the Mystery Behind Murder of King Tut

A superstition that transcended boundaries, a myth that carried its way to show the esoteric societies existence, a rare element for gossiping is the various denunciations that adored the Great King. The king has been the victim of numerous scientific tests, innumerable post to postmortems and subjected to the deepest scientific exploration. Rarely has been a dead body been cherished and hyped in the scientific community than the Tutankhamen.

Tutankhamen became a limelight hero with its excavation by Mr Howard Carter who was also a subject of study in many schools of thought. With the mysterious circumstances surrounding the excavation coupled with mysterious deaths of the victims of the curse theory, King Tut got an anti-hero image. Later, DNA tests like DNA Profiling had its results been generated in the daily newspapers. DNA Profiling is done to identify the ‘individual’ through the evaluation of the DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person’s DNA makeup. The first step for this scientific process is to find out the genetics for which various methods are been devised. Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTR) is repetitive sequences which have a least degree of duplication especially in unrelated entities.

King Tuts mysterious family was the bone of contention for many active supporters. DNA Family Relationship analysis is a famous weapon to address issues relating to paternity or maternity. It uses the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis which amplifies the DNA in a specific region providing accurate results. King Tuts parents were ‘discovered’ through this process by DNA tests conducted on the nearby fetuses to, which were suspected to be his children.

As suspicions were ripe as to the maternity issue of the Boy King with Queen Nefertiti the primary suspect, scientific investigators were on the lookout for unknown bodies lying in the land of pharaohs. With the results of the DNA Family Relationship analysis to be published by the Journal of American Medical Association in detail, the suspicions have got a beating. The tests are said to confirm that the mystery childs father was Akhenaten and the mother to be his sister, making claims that incest was an accepted custom.

The Independent had reported that a Genetic time machine has been used to unravel the mystery child’s family lineage with tests been done on hair found from Greenland. King Tut should have been using a real time machine to have travelled to one of the largest islands at an age where aero planes where a mysterious future. Analysis found that the hair belonged to a short man with brown eyes, non-white skin and “shovel-shaped” front teeth, which had an A+ blood type and probably originated in Siberia. The scientists had a tour de Siberia with a ‘To be identified’ photo all the way to Siberia. However, with the DNA tests proving otherwise, the reports were a more of a faux pas.

With more questions raised on Yellow Journalism, further queries were addressed on whether it was Yellow fever that laid the King Tut to deep sleep in an airconditioned box. Some of them had reported about fake DNA been implanted in the body of the dead soul which however has been sidelined owing to the remarkable manner in which a superstition had an effect even on the exploring scientists. The descendants of King Tuts soldiers have been said to have bribed the scientists to come out with unperceivable lies. Let God save King Tut for having died mysteriously and at a ripe age of 18 much to the chagrin of his girl friend’s.

The latest multiple scans pointed out that King Tut had died from Malaria and not a victim of the relatives envy as certain comic strips reported in the first pages of many renowned newspapers. The DNA Study found that he was weakened by a congenital illness and died of complications from a broken leg aggravated by severe brain malaria. Further tests revealed that King Tut suffered from a cleft palate, Kohler’s disease (bone disorder) and Club Foot (disambiguation). Genetic scientists have contributed the fact that such diseases were a result of incestuous relationship which King Tut’s father had. However, claims relating to Marfan syndrome (a genetic disorder of the connective tissue) was negativated by the Study. The Study was conducted through the DNA Lab setup in Cairo. Dr Howard Markel, Michigan University along with Egypt’s top Archeologist Mr Zahi Hawass authored the study which took 18 months. They have commenced the endeavour to ‘demask’ thousands of pharaohs mummified aeons ago. Indeed King Tut is a
cult figure becoming famous posthumously who would not have envisaged being the treasure trove for scientists with many significant discoveries happening. The scientific discoveries backed by well orchestered calculations preposed by tests provide unflinching evidence as to the life of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Rarely has history provided a scientific introspection to unexplored facts of such a nature than the Pharaohs and of the mystery boy King Tutankhamen.

Madhu S