USA’s Moon Bluff

moon.jpgJuly 20, 1969. Indisputably, US created history by landing its Apollo vehicle on the moon and hoisting the American flag. This was no less than a big achievement for the country as the people all over the globe showered praises on the NASA and its equally competent astronauts. Video and pictures of the expedition told the success stories of all the people who worked day and night to make the dream of moon expedition a reality. But, along with success stories, these proofs of the moon expedition started showing some unusual facts, which went on to indicate that, perhaps, man never actually went on the moon.

It all started with the allegations of an American engineer, Ralph Rene who openly declared that there was no moon landing and all the pictures and flights of our unexplored moon were fake. Eyebrows were raised and slowly, many people started analyzing the pictures and agreed that these pictures had something unnatural about them. They openly defied even the fundamental laws of physics. Political reasons were also cited behind the fake expedition because of the ongoing war between the flourishing socialism and decaying capitalism. American president, John Kennedy urged the people to become united about the idea of having landed first on the moon; clearly, it was the need to establish, once again, the image of US as a super power. USSR had managed to get ahead of rich America by sending the first ever artificial earth satellite. It was the idea of winning the space competition of the 60’s which lead US to ‘arrange’ a moon landing for $40 billion.

Scientific disagreements were many, which questioned the nature of the moon landing. Even technology-ignorant people of that time would have agreed that it was not possible to perform such planned movement of loading and unloading of the Apollo carrier rocket whichh was separated with the module that had people inside it. Objections were also raised about the smooth return of the carrier rockets. The possibility of human survival was also questioned as people found it impossible to believe that a space suit made in the 1960’s could protect people on an heavenly body which has magnetic fields, high radiations and a temperature bad enough to kill humans instantly, combined with the absence of atmosphere. Former NASA staffer Bill Kaysing, author of the book NASA Never Landed on Moon even confessed that the agency also considered the possibility of man’s landing on moon to be just 0.0017 per cent, which is practically nothing. However, it was not ruled out that Apollo did go to moon. But it was unable to advance further to its orbit; rest of the work was done by robots. It was also strange that not even a single star could be seen on the pictures of moon flight, even though the stars are much brighter in space as compared to when seen from earth. Instead, a blue light could be seen steaming into the illuminators of the space ship. We all know that open space is absolutely black.Questions were also raised regarding the landing of Apollo on the moon’s surface; the running engine did not move a single speck of dust or stone. The module landed on flat surface. Pressure of a jet engine would, without any doubt, make a crater while braking. Moon’s gravitation is equal to one-sixth of the earth’s gravitation. Dust, which was thrown up, should have been much higher than what is shown in the pictures. Shadows of the astronauts and the apparatus on moon told another story as they were of different lengths, even though it is known that sun is the only source of light on moon. Even stranger was the fact that not a single picture of the earth was taken from there.We have been taught since class V that a man weighing 160 kg on earth would be 27kg on moon but the astronauts jumping amplitude was really small; they could have easily jumped like a grasshopper on moon even with their heavy suits. Fluttering American flag was another mystery as it is known that there is no wind on moon. This fluttering of the flag was obviously made up.

Like these, there were numerous strange facts associated with NASA’s Space Mission to the moon which were time and again discovered by many people. Scientists and engineers all over the world studied all information regarding the moon expedition and passed a severe verdict that there was no moon landing and all this was just a leg-pull. The truth behind the expedition could have possibly been revealed sometime in future, but now it would be extremely difficult. Within a year, the eleven people connected with Apollo mission died unusual deaths and the Northrop Grumman Corporation, which developed and constructed the moon robot, told an American magazine that all negatives and records concerning the expedition were destroyed. This is strange because it is not a hidden fact that America is known to treat its history and achievements with respect. It is believed that those eleven people were killed because the agency believed that they would not be able to keep the secret of the fake expedition. Whatever the truth is, the nature of the whole mission continues to be doubtful. However, till the actual truth is revealed, we have to believe that Americans were really the first people to land on moon.

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