Uttar Pradesh- 4-in-1 or 1-in-4

Honorable Chief Minister Mayawati Ji – the name synonymous to Uttar Pradesh has always been in the limelight- for wrong or right- that is for individuals to decide as per their perception. But the current situation portrayed her as none other than a powerful monster gone berserk. Even if I swear to ‘mind my language’, I would like to keep her actions as an exception. The nation witnessed her humble and modest ways in her larger than life statues, which welcomes us when we enter the state. It reminds us not of the second largest state economy but of a vast playing ground of this uncanny minister, who unfortunately has started believing that Uttar Pradesh is her ‘ilaka’, so others(political parties specially Congress) better mind their own businesses.  No matter how much we hate her for being so narcissistic, this time she has hit on the nerve with her proposal to divide Uttar Pradesh into four states as apparently it is difficult to manage such a big state or probably she is not left with enough money to erect any more statues of her in the entire stretch of the state!

If we look at it, Uttar Pradesh with its population of over 2 million is indeed a bigger state to manage, however dividing it into smaller separate entities would not exactly serve the purpose. The four proposed states have stark differences in terms of economic and social status. It is like dividing kids into different class sections according to their academic performances. So all the low graders would move to section D and the more intelligent ones would be in privileged section A. Now, how is this move going to help in improving their performances? Bundelkhand, one of the proposed states, is one of the most economically backward regions of Uttar Pradesh. So separating it from the mainland is only going to aggravate the issue as it will have to strive alone. Moreover, the root cause is not just related to management of the state. This move of the chief minister has more of her political ambitions linked to it rather of the state. With rampant mismanagement and unequal development, people from different districts have started demanding for separate entities as they think they will become more noticeable. But, what about our unity and cultural integration? What is the entire need of living in a state then?

Why don’t we just all go ahead and branch out into separate Nations all together? The unique attributes that made India, a symbol of cultural unity will be defeated completely. With such politicians fanning the aspirations of some selfish individuals, the act will only take us several years backward in the era of British Raj, in the era of widespread disorderliness, from where we started our journey and came this far…

The need of the hour is to improve the economic status of the state, encourage employment and to drive literacy. Government on its part can learn from Gujarat, which has penned its success through constant efforts and has made itself the most developed state of the country.

Given the scenario, focusing on the state would be more advisable for Madame Mayawati rather on the size of her garlands.

Shreya Agarwal