Valentine Day

When it’s The Valentines Day…

A day when a single rose costs anything between Rs 20 to Rs 50.

A day when all the eating joints are overbooked.

A day when the card shops are having a field day and anti-Valentine groups are out on the streets doing their bit.

I know of a couple who celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary last December.  I wonder if they did ever celebrate Valentine’s day in these 56 years.

They go about their daily chores of life with the help of each other.

They feel pain when others are in pain. They are in awe of the bloodless coup in Egypt. They are in touch with the present day world, but more than that they are in touch with each other.

The simple act of helping each other in stitching up the pillow is something exhilarating for them.

They may not have bought diamond rings for each other, but you can see the sparkle in her eyes when he sings a special song for her on her birthday.

They attend wedding ceremonies together and find it amusing that it is not done like this back home at Cochin (their home town).

At times they go out and try out the various cuisines or may be just the appam and stew at the south Indian eating house. “But my stew is better no?” and he meekly agrees to that.

Life goes on for them at their leisurely pace and they just give me a smile when I try to explain to them about Valentine’s day.

Joe Zachariah

An Indian, born and bred in Bombay (now Mumbai) having spend the last 37 years in Pune (earlier Poona). Has been into photography for quite some time but got hold of a digital in 2003 and since then have been shooting away to glory. Hates posed photographs and likes to shoot the daily life around. In Blogs world he is known as Haddock and in Flickr world its JimReeves. He believes that happiness is available and you should help yourself to it…If you are happy, all are happy.

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