Veggie Delight!

I begin my stand by elucidating on the meaning of vegetarianism. As per the popular myth, vegetarians are considered ‘starved’ of options available to them, as they are restricted to only the ‘green dots’ on menu cards and packaged food. There maybe fewer options , but the key to understanding vegetarianism lies in the logic behind this path taken by conscious minds as being that of ‘small, but smart eating.’ It is this uncomplicated philosophy that has guaranteed vegetarians a fresher outlook towards what’s right and what’s not. Vegetarianism indeed is emerging as the ‘it’ ideology to possess these days. More than the ‘sacrificial’ notion of missing-out among the instinctively carnivorous homosapien, Green is a ‘style statement’.

Besides having individuality attached to this movement, vegetarianism proves to be healthier along with being moral and virtuous in its disposition. There are numerous reasons as to why people resort to consuming their vegetables, and divorcing themselves from the meat indulgence. Some are bound by religion, and some are simply grossed out by the thought of ‘killing’ a fellow living creature for the appetite’s clarion call. Some, even though they have no constraints in terms of morality, just willfully listen to the rejection of their taste buds. Some are such ardent admirers of heroes created out of hit films such as ‘Babe’ and ‘Chicken Run’, that the thought of having their favorite character-breed on their platter is simply a big no-no. Popular cartoon series ‘The Popeye Show’ created a Super Spinach movement, making the bitter and unattractive leaf a Star in itself! ‘Me spinach gives me strength,’ the kid says. More and more children are consciously beginning to take peas and legumes for their meals, and all this due to the positive reactions the latter have to offer. Vegetarians believe that their share of proteins, iron and calcium proves to improve their standard of living physically as well as mentally.

According to a study, vegetarian food is apt for today’s fitness freaks. Vegetarian food keeps you light and reduces the risk of obesity. It is known to have cut down chances of diabetes and cancer as well. Lots of middle- aged people convert to vegetarianism, as researchers have found out that a vegetarian diet leads to a prolonged and healthy life and slows down the rate of age -related declines. Vegetarians have won the ‘who’s the healthy of ‘em all’ debate ever since the question floated anyway. But how far does this appeal the sensibilities of those who prefer not to go by this ideology?

Well, for starters, vegetarians have always been looked upon as too preachy in their morality. They echo the sounds of ‘virtuosity’ in their character. But, their arguments lie valid and hence the debate, much to the dislike of many, is always one sided. Whether it’s the fat content or the ‘easy-to-cook’ option, the harmful diseases (caused by the deadly E.Coli bacteria in beef or the ‘mad cow disease’) or the economical value of green v/s the red- it’s always undeniably the vegetables, pulses, grains and the likes that prove a ‘safer’ and ‘healthier’ option.

‘Go Green’ is the motto 21st century invariably resonates, owing to the many global happenings which demand attention towards the planet and its well-being. Co-existence with the animal-kingdom calls for efforts made at a reasonable level, and to ‘go veggie’ sure is humane!

Ankita Kanwar

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