Vicarious Sacrifice of the No.1 Test Side !

“MSD moved from an unsporting villain to goodwill icon”, another one shoots , “Dhoni shows great sportsmanship” and many more cricket-pundits raved about how the Indian team cricket team showed great sportsmanship at Tent Bridge. Even though the acrimonious dispute looked poised to gobble down the entire test. , but what followed India’s defeat was, “this side don’t deserve to be No.1 in test for such poor performance.”

Indian team surely won hearts but not respect and certainly not the game.There is a difference between keeping your chin up and sticking your neck out! The way Indian team gave in, they lacked the charisma and compulsion of a champion. Albeit, what i I have been brooding is since when do the audience, sitting behind the boundary rope, enjoys the capacity to maneuvermanoeuvre the game?

Cheering and jeering are part of the game, you don’t play for that. I remember Dhoni quoting not a long time back, “we play for the country not for the crowd.” Where is that attitude gone ?

Where was the poised man with great phlegm !
Had this been Kolkata in place of Tent Bridge would the home crowd have jeered India for sending back a careless player player – NO !

England definitely had the home advantage and they fully exploited it , subterfuge the Umpires and Indian Cricket Team in the name of ‘spirit of the game’. If it was and Australia – England match and in shadow of a similar scenario had Andrew Strauss approached the Australian dressing room declaiming he would have been shown the door.

Yeah , absolutely no-nonsense attitude ! And tThat is why the Kangaroos dominated the cricketing arena for years.

Cricket is a shrewd game and you have to be sharp, there is no market for sentiments. But somehow our ‘world champions’ have started to care about being praised by the audience, jeopardizing the game itself. And talking about the spirit of the game, well, the rules strictly say , a player can be called only before he has left the field of play. In this case, Bell had done the same and we can safely presume even had tea and sandwich. This is a parody of law. Is this cricket or karaoke.

How was this overlooked ? Where was has the ‘spirit of cricket’ gone ?
We have numerous accounts where England have exploited the nuances of ‘spirit of the game’. Not going too far, Nottingham 2007 when the India-England test was overtaken by the jelly beans controversy.

I am not saying that we should have an eye for an eye but what MS did was too little and too late. It was pure surrender .Ian Bell had left his end for the fourth run even when Morgan raised his arm asking him to wait and watch, he dropped a clanger.

It was a vicarious sacrifice of the ex-No.1 side .Gross cannot be covered with gloss!

Himanshu Lohani