Violet night

A hue of shade entered the darkness,
Measuring the depth of sulkiness,
Why is night so dark, so blue?
With a sigh of relief the happiness flew.


The morning considered a ray of hope,
Why are you taken as a hint of dope?
You bring so much beauty and affection;
But mortals feel to give no attention.


Instead they prefer to sopor and wait for sunshine to pour;
Naives are they, for they don’t know,
Your comrade moon ignites from sun,
Sun is never gone when moon stays on.


Hey voilet night! shine like a princess in the moon light,
Diffuse your conjuration with hopeful insight,
That someday hopers find your magic beneath the stars,
They will know that you shine instead of the scar.


The sense modality is enriched with the dawn,
The romanticised feelings twaddle the song,
Heart is healed, for the charm you play,
Faith in you is sealed, for the calmness you display.


A sense of warmth, I find in your cover,
A silence more than ever ;
My soul stirs to the loneliness I feel,
Because its the most amorous hideaway I seek.


A vacation of whim takes over me,
Fantasizing about the future I see;
Your peace is pretty as ever,
An awakening from slumber.


The charm you withhold, enamours me,
Laying on cot I keep wondering;
Your intrinsical patience , is worth applauding,
Your mavens keep glistening without sinking.


Voilet night! Keep enchanting and evading me with your mystery,
To make me desire you more and more.

Poornima Katyal