Virtually Redefined – The Sixth Sense

Ever since computers began to be a part of mankind, their evolution has been taking place at break neck speed. And now we are about to witness the power of computing and on demand information just like the Sci-fi thrillers of Hollywood have portrayed for many years. Sixth Sense Technology is one such recent invention which aims to blend in the boundaries between the virtual and the real world. The mastermind behind this futuristic technology is Pranav Mistry, a designer whiz kid.

Developmental Stages

The idea behind this technology is to simplify day-to-day tasks and integrate them with the virtual world. This technology was born with the simple modification of a ball mouse into a motion sensing device. The axial rollers found in the ball mouse were used to replicate the gestures made with hand on the computer. The much-loved sticky notes were also implemented with this, one exception being that our scribble work on them would be directly synchronized with the computer or a scheduling device which can also be organized effortlessly.

With the virtual interaction in place, the next obvious step was to bring in instant information to the user. Sixth sense technology is set to redefine the way information can be searched for. The information could be accessed by merely placing the object of interest on the interactive plane without even having to GOOGLE it! So to check your flight schedule, all that you have to do is place your ticket on the interactive surface and watch in awe as you are flooded with the details.

Device Set Up

The Sixth sense device is a complete surprise package when it comes to its functionality and hardware.  Just as the device simplifies human craving for information, it simplifies the way you interact with it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be absolutely at ease operating it. The device has a portable camera, projector and few color markers stuck onto the fingers for gesture tracking.

The big plus of this device is that you need not carry a monitor display with you wherever you go. Rather you can magically turn any surface of your choice into a virtual screen and start interacting with the projected information. The device is a network enabled module which allows you to access the internet, cruise through maps when you are stuck in a tour, check your mails and also doubles up as your virtual mobile phone.


If you think this technology is confined to your dreams and would cost a bomb, then its time you get ready to be blown away. Because it would come as cheap as $350 in its compact and stylish pendant avatar! If this isn’t a reason to smile, then you will be happier to know that this technology boasts of an open source software. So all you need is the basic hardware in place, a techno savvy mind and passion for cool gadgets to put together your own sixth sense device and experience the power of the digital world on the go.

Sixth sense Vs Microsoft Digital Surface

The other recent development which introduced the multi-touch functionality and gesture interpretation technology is the Microsoft Surface from the computer technology giants, the Microsoft Corporation.  But Pranav Mistry’s invention wins hands down with respect to the Microsoft Surface because of its down to earth price, portability, and mass popularity. Pranav Mistry and his mentor Pattie Maes got rave reviews for their presentations in the Ted conferences held at India and USA respectively. Moreover the Microsoft Surface is aimed at the commercial market with only a few ready to experiment with it considering the huge investment involved.

Thus Sixth Sense Technology is one fuss free device which is set to bless mankind with an extra sense in spite of the individual’s spiritual status. So let us all gear up to explore the world around us Virtually!

B Krithiga

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