“Voice of the Youth” – The Baba’s Side of Story

On Tuesday, Baba Ramdev tilted the balance in favour of the government by opening up the issue of the prime minister and the higher judiciary coming under the ambit of the Lokpal, the sore point in the negotiations over the draft bill. Do you support his view?

“The Only thing i know If Honorable Baba Ramdev withdrew his satya grah only because of the pleadings of the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world but not because the genuine fulfillment of the demands behind his satya grah. then the level of respect for him in me will goes to -ve infinity.”

– Himanshu Gupta

“Every citizen should be brought under the purview of JAN LOKPAL OMBUDSMAN, who so ever he is. Why the Prime Minister should be left
out of purview of JAN LOKPAL BILL??, { When under the current LOKPAL bill of govt. he was under the jurisdiction }.. moreover why should Prime Minister be left to be venal, what will happen if he keeps all important portfolio with him and perpetuate corruption.”

– Nilaya Shanker

“simple baat hai, agar aadmi sachha hoga, chahe koi bhi ho pm mp ya chaprasi agar uska emaan sacha hai to kuch nahi bigdega, vo jhootey aaropo ko jutey ki nok se ukkhad fenkega. Janch se vohi resist karta hai jiska emaan kharaab ho, jhuth me aaj bhi itni taqat nahi ke sachai ko hara de, bus vo sachai ki udasinta ka fayda uthata hai”

– Sunil Verma

“The very basic idea of the bill is that no politician or any higher graded officer escapes from the crime of corruption, so in my view there shouldn’t be any limitations in the bill whom so ever the person is, even if he is the prime minister. This is actually a disciplinary action against the corrupt gentleman ruling and ruining the country, if there goes an exception, will lead to a source of void for these guys to escape from their sins.”

– Chaitanya Krishna

“sm person dealing wd yoga cnt b idel 4 politics ,, evry1 actors sportsmen saints r js jumping into it evn though dey r nt educatd ,, simply dey wana mk bame fame n wana ern mony ,, u cnt find 1 mor ghaDi hu apart 4m being lawyr ws famous stil he led a dam simple life wdout any lust,,,,”

– Aadil Wani

“Atläst baba ramdev become poltition …baba if u are not against corruption pls stay out of this matter. Well my åll wishes are with anna sir”

– Er Chandan

“whoevr supports or works but work shud b done positively, hope they r diligent enough”

– Abha Thesinger

“this crap about him was created by upa’s puppet media, they are trying to mislead their supporters as honorable ramdev ji clearly declined upa’s proposal to stop satyagarh to be held on 4th june.”

– Nidhi Bhardwaj

“Babaji whatever u do bt just keep in ur mind dat u too dont get corrupted. . .”

– Krati Singh

“prfit to yoga me bi hai magar chaudhary jaisi centre of attraction banne ki ichha bhi to baba ramdev me hai.”

– Santosh Kumar Yadav