Voice of the Youth

We need you. We need your youth, your strength, and your idealism, to help us make right what is wrong. These are the words of Ronald Reagen.

These words fill rightly in the landscape of India – the Youngistan. To those who may question me on calling India a Youngistan I would like to tell them that a staggering 51 percent of India’s population of 1.1 billion people is under 25 and two-thirds under 35. It is important to create opportunities and platforms for these young people to realize their potential to create change.

But nevertheless there also lies a great onus on the young people to act, speak and work in the right way. They are the most powerful engine for social impact and can change the course in which things work, in which a nation works. We are witnessing that, with growing times the youth is realizing their responsibilities and speaking up. If we all stand united and pledge to make India a new awakened and enthusiastic young India I think we have lived our youth in true spirit.

Everyday a young guy or a girl wakes up and the first thing that comes to mind is ’I am going to make something of myself’. No more are we satisfied in living with what we can get or achieve with ease. No more do we just see things for the sake of seeing but now we see things with open vision and firm opinions. No more are we ready to take things for granted but now we want to be the change that we want to see. There is no end to these no more’s in the heads of the youth which are heading towards realizing their potential and responsibilities. Be it the Jaago Re initiative where we saw the young people armed with the powerful idea of awakening the people and saying no to corruption. Be it the Lead India initiative where we tried exploring the enthusiasm and zeal in the budding population of India to know their point of view in leading India.

So I would like to urge the young blood of our country to come forward, collaborate and make a joint effort to shape their thoughts into action thereby helping shape the future of our country.

We may not be leaders to make all change

And may be just people with ordinary range

But just a thought to ponder a million options

We may be ordinary but not helpless

We may be selfish but not heartless

We may be youthful but not mindless

We may be jobless but not ruthless

Arise, awake and raise your voices to be heard

Motion your thoughts until they are not brought into action

Because it’s only each one of us that can bring a change

So we need to stand united and put our acts into motion

Manisha Rana

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