Voices in My Head -3

If only apples really could keep all of them doctors away! Sigh! But those ravishing reds and gorgeous greens, oh, but fool us into believing they hold such magical powers in their midst!

No denying that Doctors are one of the order of men and women who deserve statues and medallions in gold and silver. But a scalpel scratch and a curette clean later, the hurt is what makes us wish those apples were more magical than they claim!

Not one, not two, not even five, but ten teeth do I possess, that tread the tightrope over the danger called cavity. And fill I did, these ten teeth. The experienced hands of the dentist worked with precision and I was like a piece of rock being shaped with a sharp electronic chisel. A drill bored through their enamel letting pieces of my erstwhile caries-affected teeth flying out of my mouth like seeds bursting out of an overripe pomegranate.

And this is where, the pomegranate should not quite paint a glossy(fruity) picture! The experience was far from it. Every nudge into my teeth with that horrific metallic device made me acutely feel all the parts of the teeth that long-ago’s Biology lessons had only shown through charts.

Remember how your body cringes and shrinks when you hear a senseless teacher shrilly striking the chalk across the blackboard? Or better still, long finger nails eerily scraping at a sheet of glass?! Or metal brooms scooping dried leaves on concrete paths.


Yes! That scream-YOU could let out with all freedom. But imagine my terrible plight ,when the very mouth that could have shrieked out that scream and vented its acute displeasure, was at the mercy of a dentist, who severely ordered you to remember, “Mouth wide open!”