Voices in My Head-4

The waves rose and fell like camels parading within the belly of a monster- a hump surfacing now, and ducking the next instant. And they riotously crashed at our feet, trying to pull us into the monstrous mouth, first drenching us with a torrent of water and then dragging the earthy carpet from beneath our feet.

But sometimes, there were no camels. No monster either. The sea came near our feet like pretty lace edges of a lady’s skirts- undulating as she moved about dancing with some inner joy.

The sea was always like this. It had a mind of its own and liked to react the way it felt. Some faces make it jubilant and it performs to their honour- a wild rumba or a sensuous salsa. Or a tame slow dancing to the hollow winds.

Some other faces make it reactive. As if a dozen chemicals were churned in its bellies and colours, smells and explosions were being churned off dime a dozen! A deathly approach of, waves like a reactive H2SO4 eating its way gluttonously on a piece of paper! Or, the sea sees a furor occasionally- as if some pyrotechnics were being worked out on its floors.

Everyone has some relationship with the sea. For some, it is the coy lover on moonlit nights- waves teasingly reflecting the silver and receding to hide-and-seek. For others it is a book of philosophy- a mentor that shapes the thought and kindles some more. For most it is a friend they never tire of- tsunami or after!

The lure of the turquoise waters can be felt everywhere. In lands, whose edges, the sea does not dot, there is a deep craving for the sea. It is almost like the mirage of an oasis for a thirsty desert traveler. Omnipresent and unreachable. For lands that command the sea to their feet, it is a constant reminder at the back of the head. A sudden scent could remind them of the waters, a splash of blue on some passing dupatta could evoke a stashed off thought about the sea.

Over time, somehow every human’s fascination with the sea remains undying. The repeating rhythm with which it untiringly performs every day and night, strikes a chord with the routine of life that most of us lead. Nature way of assuaging us to live on.

Some days, the pull of the water is so fierce that it calls out through the wind to us, and it paralyses us mid-work and entices us to submit as a slave. And when the feet get rinsed by the waters, the mind wanders to random planes. Where did this little drop that splashed on to my face come from? Did it have to travel miles and across continents to reach me?

Philosophy, apart from the peanuts, seem to accompany us on these trysts. The waves somehow kindles one to look within. Sometimes silly thoughts supersede and snub those poetic verses from breaking the crust. But sometimes.. just sometimes… visions get stirred and words get written by themselves from some deep unknown source. What visions they are! SO pure and meaningful and somehow making the whole wide world seem just right!

The Oceans and seas also have another effect- they never allow any writing about them to echo their characteristics ever! Some lack, some flaw always creeps in. And like this post, leaves one clueless about how to end a passionately worded piece about it!

Sandhya Ramachandaran

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aramisfirefly/3375633598/]