Voices in My Head

The advantage of having your own column is that you get unlimited freedom to explore all the different things you had always wanted to talk about. Which is one reason why, after considering everything from ‘Bitter coffee; iced tea’ to ‘Blank screens’, I finally decided on ‘Voices in my Head’-a random Orkut community name- to grace the title-head of this column.

I barely have the ‘conventional wisdom’ to have a column of my own. But being a person who believes every voice is important; I have decided to take this up. But I honestly wonder how many people would remotely be interested in my opinion on Swine Flu or how I disliked a Salvador Dali-Luis Buñuel movie! And would people really enjoy listening to random voices from some random girl who is as confused as any of them reading her!

It is also not like there is going to be some amazing literature that is going to be churned off- there might be first person narratives in writing, disconnected sentences etc. Being a film student, I’m learning to appreciate rebellion as a creative process and sparks of this deviance might creep through.

Having a column to myself makes me feel like a wee five-year old, tasting her first ice-cream- the flavours that explode on the tongue are simply wonderful! It is every writer’s dream to make their itching hands weave together a perfect tapestry of words. And to be offered the frame and thread to loop into the needle and go wild with colours, textures and patterns is exactly what has been offered to me.

There is no particular pattern that this column is going to take. What the jealous goddess demands at that moment, and what kinds of reflections glimmer in the clear waters of my head, or get clouded in murkiness is what forms its contents. This is, after all a long journey (hopefully), and we have light years to cross before we land on some new lovely planet to stare at a whole new sky, with a new perspective of the stars. Until then, we’ll make the journey, putting up with mood swings and bad writings; profoundly stunning visions and actual good writing. Ah well, as Willy Wonka says, “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams” .

Sandhya Ramachandaran

[Image courtesy: http://farisyakob.typepad.com/blog/images/2007/10/04/silent_voices_2.gif]