Vrushti Trivedi Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Hello Mr. Prime Minister,

We all know that she’s in a critical position. She is our India. Justice is a right of each citizen of our nation. But today justice has just become a part of light talks. We the common people ought to get our justice. Today corruption has crossed its heights. Almost all politicians have taken up corruption as their duty.

Internment of common man without any trials in courts is no more illicit. But having proven guilty, the politicians are still roaming out openly in the fresh air. The spruces of corruption have covered up whole of the canvas of fair government. But not any notable action is being taken against the netajis.

The balls in your court whether to intern the corrupt politicians or to give birth to a country where just would become the joke of life, and none would be able to accomplish a talk without giving of the magical paper pieces to the corrupt personalities.

And if the role models- the politician, if the person capable of being a role model, is corrupt himself, then what can be the impact of them on the younger generation. If no action is taken against the politician then i guess soon corruption would legal affair. Being a corruptionist would soon become every child’s goal. Please, implement the Lokpal bill and provide justice in your kingdom.

Give off the handcuffs to the politicians’ hands that itch up for black money. Justice is our right and today we the citizens of democratic India yearn for justice to you. And if you cannot bear the pressure and if you cannot be against corruption, then please do sign off. Please Mr. PM please implement our wishes. Please don’t let justice be just a word.

With regards,

Vrushti Trivedi

13 yrs old

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.