Wake me to the Morning After

Who would have thought that the next time you probably chose a shopping destination, and ended up canceling your plans of going there, you would be a relieved person?

The distances that providence diffuses with the spread of terror among people on account of an unfortunate occurring is certainly not the best way of bringing people across state borders closer together as united Indians. If it was Bangalore, Ahemedabad and Jaipur targeted by a headstrong group attacking the aspiring world cities, the attacks on Delhi today, on the 13th September 2008 certainly demands an explanation by authorities as to why security wasn’t the primary concern for the National Capital at all times.

Vigilance is the key to prevention. Narendra Modi in his statement revealed that despite talks with the Home Minister and Prime Minister on the Gujarat blasts’ masterminds; who in their interrogation tapes claimed that Delhi is in fact their next target, no action or preparation against expected attacks was materialized. No stringent measures or tightened security practices were undertaken. If it is indeed the Indian Mujahideen, who in their utmost self confidence and ‘in the name of Allah’ have bent the rules of co-existence as claimed by them in their revelatory email, then are we also to admit to the simultaneous failings of the centre and the subsequent sandwich this creates in the minds of the ever so disturbed Indian mind? Is this what we have come to since the last time 3 years ago Delhi was under fiend’s scorn wherein lives were lost, responsibilities questioned? Are there lessons learnt- or are they very conveniently surfaced only to be forgotten?

The figures state that this series of ‘low intensity’ blasts have claimed 18 lives leaving 90 injured and the entire nation scarred. If this is the promise our capital is living up to after being apparently the most evenly scrutinized city of the country, it is only right to hold the state government’s collar in anguish. The citizen is forced to question in his own mind as to what the reason behind the cause and effect of such a muddled world is, which has left the virtue of humanity cringe in despair on mangled hopes of a better tomorrow. If this were the independent land that we earned for ourselves, and if it is up to the present generation to hold up this concept in its entirety with the aim of maintaining the nation’s interest- then it is only justified to excavate the very idea of freedom wherein basic liberties of imagining a world without boundaries is denied time and again by what makes up the reality today.

With more bombs being diffused hour after hour, all political leaders condemning the blasts in the most composed approach they could have formulated within an hour of the event, and with the journalists flashing images of blood and flesh on the screen with blaring speeches urging the nation to maintain its cool, the then- agitated- now -complacent viewer has no choice but to leave behind the frightful insecurities on to another day’s burden and move on.

In fact, that does form the essentials of the mind these days. The irony lies in the ‘moving on’ part- ensuring that there is no adequate participation in overthrowing what threatens us the most- we can’t walk out on Terror; not now… not today at least.

Ankita Kanwar