Wake up Sid!

Since the time I had heard of the movie’s title ‘Wake up Sid’, the story was fairly evident. The trailers confirmed it all. However, I was waiting deliriously for this movie to release! Finally the movie is in the theatres now though with a brief controversy for ‘hurting the sentiments’ of Raj Thackeray. The lead actors of the movie have called ‘Mumbai’ as ‘Bombay’ several times in the movie which rose protests from the MNS activists. Karan Johar, the producer of the movie has called Mr. Thackeray and appologised to him. After talking about the controversies, lets move on to the movie which is certainly a clean entertainer. Wake up Sid has a very predictable story but an extremely refreshing new age movie. This is a movie which has snapshots from each one of our life (if you aren’t a geek or a nerd!), moments that we can relate to and cherish being the ‘Sid’ at some point of time.

Siddharth Mehra, the spoilt brat of a successful self-made businessman has a life full of friends, parties, pizzas, drinks, shopping, iPod and of course his dad’s credit card. Sid personifies the ‘rich and spoilt.’ He sleeps on SpongeBob Square Pants sheets and finds himself totally cool in Scooby Doo t-shirts! From expensive cars to the coolest parties, Sid has everything in life except a goal. His motto of life is ‘tomorrow never comes’ and hence the only goal he looks up to is having fun today. He has never grown up and never determines to until his ‘rich dad’ realizes where is son is actually heading to and can take it no more and drives him out of his house and Sid goes knocking at his ‘new city girl’ friend Aisha Banerjee’s door. While his stay with Aisha, he starts to understand adulthood, to clean up the mess, to live in a non ac apartment, to fry eggs, to cook pasta and finally identify his self and his passion. He finally figures out work, life and love!

Debutante director Ayan Mukherjee deserves applauds for putting together such a realistic story and making it such a great success. The direction and cinematography is really well done. The moment when the college students flock to check their graduation results, has the true essence of any Indian college, and everybody can relate with at least a single incident from the movie. The monsoons of Mumbai, the city’ night life, matters of adulthood and the innocence of Sid merge too well with the story line. There is not a single moment of eroticism in the movie; it is simple, pure innocence of Sid that reflects from the character. Ranbir Kapoor is the best ‘Sid’ that bollywood can offer. He is an actor par excellence! He has done complete justice to his role and merges perfectly with the character he plays. Wake up Sid is definitely Ranbir Kapoor’s movie! Konkona Sen Sharma, another well displayed talent has played her part very well as expected of her. As Aisha, the girl who seeks ‘independence’, the ‘new city girl’, the writer and Ranbir’s best buddy, Konkana is definitely the gem of talent. Ranbir and Konkona paired as a couple is predictably not supposed to work out, however, after watching their performance and the way the director has casted them together, there would not be a reason to criticize the couple. Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak as Sid’s parents are fit for their role. Nikki, Sid’s best fatty friend at college, played by Sikha Talsania looks charming and extremely realistic. Rahul Khanna does not have much role to play as the editor of Mumbai Beat magazine and Konkona’s boss. But he looks handsome and serious as the jazz crazy, workaholic editor.

Shankar Ehsan Loy’s music blends very well with the movie’s story line. ‘Ta na na na… life is crazy’ explains fun filled moments of the movie and ‘Iktara’ is the perfect song that explains the realization of love in a 27 year old Aisha who reads Tagore and listens to old Hindi songs.

The only serious point of criticism would be the way Konkona dresses up and her make up is not at all done with perfection. She is very shabbily dressed throughout the movie while on the other end, Ranbir looks cool in the kiddy t-shirts. Ranbir has the complete essence of a good looking, rich youngster spoilt by his father’s riches. The city of Mumbai, its monsoons and its charm – the sea has been beautifully portrayed throughout the movie and its main portrait is the photographs which Ranbir clicks throughout the movie.

The movie will appeal to the masses even with an evident story line. This is a movie which you can sit back and watch with a tub of popcorn and a can of cold drink and see your own reflection moving on screen at some point of the 2 hours 30minutes! It is a 7/10 movie and should do a good weekend business for at least two weeks.

Upasana Mallick

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