Wake Up S(K)id!

Ever since I know I have loved Bollywood and everything that comes packaged with it – be it the melodramatic family scenes, or the larger-than-life characters, or the physics-defying fight sequences, or the butter-will-not-melt-in-my-mouth dialogues, or the talk-through-the-eyes romance – I simply cannot have enough of it! So while kids who grew up along with me gave me that you-have-not-seen-the-matrix or you-do-not-watch-friends look, I ignored them without giving them a thought. With time, I began watching and appreciating English movies as well, but somehow the charm and thrill of watching the shahrukhs, the salmans, the priyankas, and the amritas still remains intact and my appetite for them have only increased with time.

I watch any Hindi Movie I can lay my hands on or may be can ‘Book My Show’ through and trust me when I say, more often than not, I end up liking them or at least some part of them. However, once in a while, I do come across a movie that astounds me by its sheer simplicity of the plot – a story that we all know, a story that we all share, a story that we can all relate to and yet told in a magical fashion that leaves us craving for more. ‘Wake Up Sid’ perfectly falls into that category.

Meet Siddharth Mehra a.k.a Sid (as he says that’s what his friends call him) as he takes a journey of a lifetime from his carefree, innocence days where in he wears Scooby Doo T-shirts, feeds on pizzas, fools around, sleeps late, fails exams, and pays for all of this using his dad’s credit card. The ways of the rich and the spoilt kid till his father decides to open up the door of his house, throw him out of his cocoon so that the lousy caterpillar, without a life, that went into it would come out as a beautiful butterfly at the end of the journey.

In comes ‘the new city girl’ Aisha who has moved from Calcutta to Bombay to discover herself as a writer and makes sure she tells people “I do not intend to sleep with you” when she asks them out for a walk.” She is the complete opposite of Sid – keeps her house clean, makes her food, keeps striving to realize her dreams even though her efforts are continuously being ignored by her new boss who is more interested in taking her for Jazz shows than reading her articles, knows when she falls in love and speaks it out in the most unconventional but in the most touching way. Sid meets Aisha, strikes a chord, becomes a friend and lands up in her house when his father throws him out of his own.