Walk the talk with Entrepreneur Santra Devi

Life is a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs faced by a person all the time. But a man is the one who can get up each time he falls. Whatever life gives you take it with grace. That’s what Santra Devi strongly believes. She started working when her husband died. She had to make a survival not only for herself but her four children as well.

She started selling popcorn and peanuts door to door. She was shunned by many people. She was pushed by people even when she had the basket in one hand and a kid on the other and another kid tied at the back.

She had to make a living so she started making clay pottery at a corner in Daryagangj in Delhi. She faced many difficulties as hardly anyone came to buy her wares. But she was adamant that she would not let her children suffer the way she had. She decided to give each one the power of education then be it her daughter or sons. She sold flower pots door to door.

She some how managed their school fees. Many a times her children wept but she was unshaken by the kick of fate. Then slowly she started making statues. She got the idea of colouring them. Initially even she made her share of mistakes but till date she does not shy away from them. She knows she made mistake but she got up each time she fell.

Then at a time when hardly people understood marketing she did. She admits she lost hope and she cried several time but every time she did she only saw the face of her children and again she was energized. She started selling clay pots with offers attached ‘buy one and get a small one free’.

Sitting in a place like Daryagangj with no formal education she achieved success that today her clay statues are exported and brands like Fabindia also purchase them.

She has been able to educate her children well. One is a doctor, the other lawyer and two of her daughters help her in the business. She says you will never know how strong a woman is. A woman like a tea bag shows it strength when put to test in hot water.

She is so humble and still has water from the clay pot she has made herself. When I went and asked her for an interview she humbly welcomed but rather told me that girls like me should be interviewed.

With her determination she was able to achieve this success. She may not be a millionaire, she may not be in the Forbes list but she is a brand in herself. A brand that gives hope to thousands of women that when you try, things fall in place. If you only and do nothing about it cry then things only fall.

She herself is not educated but she is polite and is not the victim of the mad rat race. Yet she has been able to do whatever she feels like.

Mostly women work for her. They all feel proud working for her. She has the guts to believe in herself against all the odds. And that is exactly what she advices to everyone.

Priyanka Gandhi