War Of The Titans: Power And Politics Play Havoc In Uttarakhand

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Government formation in India has been a historic challenge. With multiple voices and communities demanding fair and equal representation in how the government is run, it has been a challenge to most part leaders to have a stable government, one not hampered by protests and walkouts and various other forms of protests.

The present political crisis in Uttarakhand started out on March 18 over the passage of the finance bill in the Legislative Assembly. With demands of a voice vote for the bill being rejected by the speaker and subsequent passage of the bill lead to an uproar in the house, with at least 8 MLA’s from Congress rebelling against the party.

The present Chief Minister Harish Rawat has been accused of horse trading and also been the centre of an alleged sting video. Counter accusations against the BJP have also come up, including trying to topple the government. Following the turmoil, the government has been put on suspended animation awaiting a floor test on March 28th.

The imposition of the President’s Rule and the subsequent stay order passed by the High Court of Uttarakhand was followed by a plea by the CM and a floor test for 31st March. A stay order on the floor test was passed on 30th March pending a final hearing on 6th April.

The concerning aspects of these developments are many. The manner of passing of the finance bill, the behaviour of various MLA’s from both sides of the party lines and the quick decision to recommend President’s Rule, which some would consider to be an underhand measure.

This comes only months after President’s Rule being declared in Arunachal Pradesh over reasons which have been popularly described as flimsy. The fact that such crisis situations are coming up in the states with the Congress ruled states is a concerning trend for the Modi led NDA Alliance.

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