Wasn’t ‘ValarMorghulis’ Taken a Little too Seriously this Season Finale on Game of Thrones?


Lots of spoilers: All the spoilers, all the spoilers.

It’s that time of the year again – time for the season finale of the world’s most talked-about TV show currently, Game of Thrones. I’m still reeling from the aftermath of the shocker that was Sunday’s episode, the final episode of the show’s fifth season.

It seems as if the show’s creators didn’t want to give viewers any respite from all the terrible surprises they had to face in the last few episodes of this season. Having dealt with events such as Sansa Stark’s rape at the hands of bastard Ramsay Bolton, the death of Shireen Baratheon, the world’s sweetest child and king hopeful Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, and Tyrion Lannister meeting the Mother of Dragons herself at last, I wasn’t exactly hopeful for something cheerful at the end.

And boy! Was I not disappointed? To recap this episode…

The episode features such gems as Ramsay Bolton, Lord Roose Bolton’s bastard son, being miraculously alive (how? I asked myself incredulously. We may never know). Jaime Lannister also confesses to his daughter Myrcella that he is her father and her uncle on their sea voyage back to King’s Landing from Dorne, and not Robert Baratheon, as she had been led to believe. Shortly after, Myrcella is shown to be dead, poisoned by the late Oberyn Martell’s devious (and completely badass, I may add) paramour, Ellaria Sand. Wow! That escalated quickly.

The scene promptly jumps to Stannis Baratheon, viewer’s enemy number 1. He’s still at the wall, and most of his troops have deserted him. I can’t say I feel sorry for him at this point, after what he did to his own daughter. Yes, mutiny is exactly what you deserve.

… and then it looks like Brienne kills him after a battle with his own mutinied troops. Ah, revenge is sweet.

Okay, so you remember how Daenerys jumped on her dragon’s back and rode off with him, away from all the fighting? Well, she left the running of an entire city in the lurch. Who’s going to look after Meereen during her absence? After a rather witty discussion between Ser Jorah Mormont, Tyrion Lannister, Daario Naharis (he is so hot, I can’t), Dany’s advisor Missandei and the leader of the Unsullied, Grey Worm, it’s decided that the dwarf, the eunuch and the girl will stay in the city and keep it from falling into civil war. And, Ser Jorah and Daario thus depart to look for the Khaleesi. Oh, also, Lord Varys, the Spider, is back to help Tyrion run Meereen. Yay!

Speaking of the Khaleesi, Daenerys is met by an entire khalasar in the grasslands where Drogon has dropped her off. All the horsemen, everywhere.  Only George R.R. Martin knows what’ll happen to our favourite dragon queen after this.

Just don’t kill her off too, please.

Arya Stark begins her quest for revenge by killing off MerynTrant, who murdered JaqenH’ghar, by stealing a face from the Hall of Faces in the House of Black and White, where she now stays and works – but is punished for committing an unnecessary murder by her bosses. She loses her eyesight, and most probably her mind with it, too. Why would you do this to Arya!

Cersei Lannister is made to atone for her sins with a public naked walk of shame. All around King’s Landing. The place she once ruled. Mocked and thrown food at by the same people who once feared her. And I almost felt sorry for her when I saw her break down when she reached the Red Keep. The public shaming for incest was a bit too much, though.

And, if you think all this was enough, well, the last scene of the episode was yet to come.

Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, is in his room, reading a bunch of letters. All good, so far. Olly the kid comes to tell him that there’s someone who claims to have seen Snow’s long-lost ranger uncle, Benjen Stark. Still fine, right?

And then he comes out of his study and the entire Night’s Watch stabs him Caesar-style. Even Olly, that sweet kid who we all thought was good.

Dead.  Jon Snow, the beloved bastard of Winterfell, the one who knew nothing, looks about as dead as they can get.

But is he really, though? Most people think not. I, for one, think not. There are several fan theories making rounds all over the internet as to what really happened to Jon Snow – anything but death. Warging into his direwolf Ghost’s body, the red witch Melisandre resurrecting him using her fire magic – there’s all sorts.

Just like most GoT fans, I’m still in denial.

To conclude, I’d just like to say that waiting another year for the next season will be a torture. See you all in therapy until 2016.

Rutvi Zamre

Image Source: The Viewspaper