We are a Mad Nation

Truly, we are a mad nation with passion parallel to Romeo’s eternal love! Not everyone gets to live in such high degree of insanity and craziness; I am among the lucky few chosen by God to dwell here. Therefore, similar to the like of mine born from the womb of Mother India I also suffer from this disease.

We (Indians) have always been blindly attached to something and surprisingly enough we make that our “national problem”. The problem may not be fall in per capita income, inflation or corruption but other things- things that I shall mention to you here.

In the early 1916 when Gandhiji came to India, he found a cause, to live for- our freedom. In the later years he gave a call for Poorna Swaraj and masses of people followed him like cattle. The struggle for freedom had started much earlier, but had reached its pinnacle only when the masses participated. It was their zeal that brought the downfall of the British Raj. The Queen’s thrown had to bow before the fervour and passion of Mother India’s children! Churchill had once said that he could not leave

India in the hands of a half naked fakir. And yet years later there lives a majority of the country that blindly follow a half clad man. So much is their faith in him that when he was accused of the most inhuman crime (adding human and animal bone to his medicines) people took to the streets. The second gentleman I refer to is Mr.Ramdev. Surprisingly, as events unfurl, I don’t see him in any trouble, for the simple reason that he has the support of the masses. Somehow I fail to understand how these masses couldn’t mobilize enough to prevent Shankracharya entering the jail. To believe in the notion that the jail becomes pure with his footing, is only a condolence to our failure. And in any case, the jail should be considered a pure place, for it corrects the wrong, gives justice to the wronged one and brings a change of heart in the culprit. Notice the same mass of people posing before the school campus in the hot month of April! Its admission time! Fear runs down the spine, but the big question is whose spine? More than the kids, the parents read through the books to face the Principal. I wonder how the parent’s knowledge has a bearing on the child’s admission. If we are talking of the genes factor playing a role then the entire family from the grandfather to grandmother should be interviewed. “After all it is a matter of choosing the best minds.” Schools like the state have forgotten the reason for its origin. It was to train a mind to be the best mind and not to simply pick the best mind! If I am an illiterate, will my child be denied education in the best institutions? Is it a reframing of a caste system of a different kind? The masses of this country have always caught my attention. They act in a peculiar way. They can raise you to the level of God, and mind you, God is the supreme power in religious

India, and throw you down like an untouchable – a shudra. This is what they did to our MEN IN BLUE. They tore down The WALL (Dravid), Master Blaster should fear walking the street alone, lest he should find himself in plaster. Mahinder Singh Dhoni, the less the name is taken, the better it is. Poor Anil Kumble has resigned for no fault of his. Chappell has been shown, as my friend rightly put it, “the chappal”. He has put in his resignation and seeks no extension of his contract with the Indian team, I wonder if he was even getting one! The reason provided is apt for him – “Personal and family matters”. The statement gives a trait of his character so well known to us. He brings personal matters everywhere and leaks it in public to create the five-year dramatic legacy of his. From Saurav’s removal and approval to his “profound” comments on the senior players, this man has been influenced by all those soap operas and films to the extent that he has made it a part of his life. But the person, who complains the least, is me. For in this game of cricket, which bears least interest to me, Chappell has introduced an element of my favourite subject and now maybe I can think of studying it – POLITICS.

Sneha Ravi Iyer