We Call it…The Examination Season!!

As the clock marches in a disciplined manner, ticking off each hour,  as the sun rises and sets dozing off to come on a new day and as the calendar all set to approach it’s third page- March, Class X and XII students know what to expect from the most grilling month of the year.Yes the Board exams are approaching and the anxiety of the students is reaching at an all high. This is evident from the steaming phone calls that are keeping counselors and psychologists busy day and night.

The chapters seem to be forgotten, numericals appear to be a battle that cannot be won, diagrams become the biggest monster playing havoc in dreams and language appears to be some Greek or Spanish that you cannot understand in life. Needless to say, there is an ever increasing pressure upon students, constantly nagging into their spirits, when they try to conquer the battle of studying hard.

Having been the victim of such a situation 3 years ago and looking at my juniors now, I completely feel them to be a replica of what I felt at that point in time- working, yet nervous of the outcome..

Being a Delhi University student, I realize that Board Exams, especially Class XII can actually determine the area and field of a student’s study. This is how the Indian Education System works. But I strongly opine that these examinations should not be given the liberty to take a toll upon the minds and psyche of the students. To avoid any kind of pressure building on the students, they should be treated as any other final examination that would make them graduate to another level of learning.

The anxiety level of students is often so high during the last few days before the exam that only proper guidance of guardians, teachers and well wishers can make them emerge out of it. Parents at this time bear the responsibility of filling the child with ultimate confidence- “Yes I can do and I will Do”. The teachers according to my experience should not only focus on the student’s mistakes but also appreciate them for the betterment they might have shown during their pre boards. The guardians should spare some time to sit with the children and chat with them on light issues, to help them break the monotony and disentangle their entangled nerves.

These exams are certainly not the be all and end all of life. Many a times bad results turn out to be a turning point in one’s career. And it is the truth that many students cannot score well despite the fact they possess knowledge. Though these marks should certainly not govern their lives, students should give it their best shot and prepare in the best possible manner for the coming tests. Best results are obtained when the competition is done with oneself and not with others.

So it is time for students to gear up for these exams. It cannot be in all excitement… human tendency… but with full spirit. Let’s jump in the ground with full zeal, commitment, promising ourselves never to show our back and success would evidently follow. Class Xth and XIIth board exams, I am sure, would leave an ever lasting impression on each of the student’s mind and heart, not only because of good results but also because of the time of coming close to friends by the way of spending quality hours together to do something productive. Parent’s affection, pat on the student’s back and hugs would constantly re-enforce that yes someone will always be there to guide and support them in all the testing times. These exams will be memorable when students would look back at the nights they were awake dipping into lessons, drawing solace from the fact that their friends are also left with the same number of chapters… that they are not the only one. I am sure many students, post exams, would have many memorable stories to share.

I wish all the young students Best of Luck for these tests. Enjoy each and every moment of the exams. I may sound peculiar but when you grow up in life you would crave for these days to return back.

Juhi Gupta

Image Source: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/clf/29229124/]