We Learn Everything by Chance

Our journey starts when God Almighty plans a union in our mother’s womb
Our destiny is written in our brain, when that sacred union is 4 months
We grow eyes closed, swimming around in darkness controlled by remote power
Until the moment arrives when we are ordered to move out to the new world.

The moment we touch earth leaving the comfort
of our first home,
We realize we lost something that we never wanted to lose.
Our mother’s womb provided us everything what we needed.
Just think how amazingly did we meet our needs.

We found our way, with no eyes to guide
We got our food, with no mouth to swallow
We got oxygen under the water and
we felt no heat there, nor did we feel the cold.

But it was unbearable when we came out
From the light of darkness inside the womb,
To the darkness of the light in this world and
We cried aloud as we lost our mother touch.

Cried until someone pushed us into her breast
Cried until we got the taste of her milk we had got in her
Whenever we needed, in our sacred home that we had just
Though here, we had to cry for it, when we needed it..

Then we had to leave our mother for
To school, college, and then to the world
It was His order, we had to continue
To help Him to keep the cycle moving.

We came to this world, flat on our back
Then we rolled on our belly, nobody taught us,
Then crawled on our knees, nobody taught us again,
Then bent our knees and moved forward on it.

Nobody taught us to stand on our legs
None taught us to take the first step
We grew, we ran, then started the journey back,
Back to knees, belly and lay on our back..

Our mother had done all He had asked her
And moved back to where she had come
To Him again, to the eternal peace and happiness.
Then like all, we too forget our mother and Him too.

Then came the time, when we felt we missed Him
We yearn to go back and meet Him, the Lord.
We follow our mother, where she went
To find the eternal peace and Happiness.

So, my Rose, it is a journey planned by Him
Nobody needs to teach us to let go.
We have no choice, Loui has gone to a better world,
A world where there’s no pain, no jealousy and no death !!!

PS : This poem is written to Rosemarie Dawal who was so much depressed after death of her friend Loui.

Abdul Hameed