We, The Young

We sat and watched the sun go down,
Picked a star before we lost the moon.
Youth is wasted by the young,
Before you know its come and gone too soon…!!!

India has come a long way since Independence, with a concoction of both success and failure. The next decade is going to be extremely imperative for our nation. If everything falls in place then we might exterminate a few tricky problems gripping our country. India’s biggest assets are its people. The underlying potential of our nation’s youth needs to be unleashed. As young citizens of India we must realize that the development of this nation wholly depends on us. The development of a strong nation demands youth possessing steely will-power, mighty determination and tremendous grit.

The United Nations defines youth as a period during which a person prepares to be an active and fully responsible member of the society. It’s high time that the youth of our country realizes that we should raise our voices demanding action. We are the leaders of tomorrow, so it’s our duty to sail ourselves in the right direction and to serve the nation. You need not belong to the Gandhi family or be a descendant of the Scindias, Ambanis or the Birlas to do your bit. You just need to inculcate intellectualism, human values and observe a commitment to the society.

Though problems plague India, there are solutions. A prodigious resolve can certainly provide answers to all riddles. Instead of blaming the system, young India should come together and mould our nation for a better tomorrow. Instead of asking questions, we must give solutions to the problems of corruption with good administrators, professionals, soldiers, education, population, environment and leaders. In order to carve a perfect niche, youth must get involved in every sphere to which they belong – be it the IAS, IPS, defense, politics or education. It’s time; the youth of this nation must start a freedom struggle to secure independence from poverty and corruption. We must enlighten ourselves. The feeling of patriotism clubbed with morality, ethics and social responsibility will definitely make our nation exalted.

Self realization is most important and there are millions of alternatives if one really wants to do something. Being a part of a NGO, joining the armed forces, creating an environment of sound health facilities, feeding the poor, encouraging parents to send their children to schools, practicing and preaching family planning, creating IT solutions for the upliftment of villages, using public transport, planting more trees, raising voices against crimes, using the Right to Information (RTI) to get answers from the government, being a law-abiding citizen, using the media constructively, joining the IAS and overall being an active part of the society are to enumerate a few. There may be no major proposals in this article to address the issue of Youth Empowerment, but we would certainly head a step forward in the right direction if these are taken into consideration.

Garima Obrah

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/krish9/2230941220/]