We use a knife to eat. We use a knife to kill

Development is but mere evolution being enveloped by change. With enough time, comes the ability to adapt and with adaptation comes the feeling of puissance. What is it about us as humans that make us so vulnerable to the temptations surrounding power? Because even before the war, the efficacious threats or the ploy for safety, it’s all about who stands on which side of the barrel. Without science, we would not be where we are today; without science, evolution would not have been same. It started with the making of the wheel and today, we talk of making entire human beings. What about those everyday appliances that we use so thoughtlessly? Switching on a light bulb, dialing a telephone, what would one do without such basic necessities? Have you ever thought about what all happens when you flick that little switch of the light bulb, from the flow of electricity to the connection of the bulb? Do you know how much history is hidden within that switch? To have even thought of such appliances would be sheer genius. But they were made centuries ago. And what about today, when man is just a step away from playing God himself? To be able to create life in a barren womb, to be able to replicate organs or even see into the distant skies above us.

It is a cliché, but every coin does have two sides. Yet, why do we always look at the bad? Change is change. With change come the good and the bad. But don’t condemn the good just because of the bad. We talk of cloning being a sin because it interferes with God’s plan. Well, look into the eyes of a tearful mother who waits for a transplant of her child’s heart and then say that. Today’s technology is nothing but the celebration of man’s own intelligence; it is proof of our very existence and the fact that we lived and made difference. Today, there is nothing is impossible. Every inventor, every creator dies only to remain immortal in his creations. Look at anything, a vaccine, a safety-pin, a golf ball, a garbage dispenser, each of these is common and a basic fixture in a household. Or imagine a pair of jeans without the zipper or life without Velcro.

The fact is, its unimaginable, and all those who invented these, we might not know there names, but that doesn’t stop us from being wholly dependant on their inventions. Two centuries ago who would have thought that a trip to the moon would be possible? Yet today, even India has joined the list of countries with their own moon missions. And who knows what we’ll achieve two centuries from now. Of course, inventions like arms and ammunitions or nuclear weapons are ghastly. Nuclear weapons have the ability to wipe out civilizations, but there comes the tryst of humans with thir fixation with power, to have an upper hand so as to speak. But why blame technology for the arrogance that lies within man himself?

It is not the machine which controls the man; it is the man who controls the machine. Technology is a part of today’s world, just as much as we humans are. We only need to learn one thing: responsibility. We need to understand that every act of ours has repercussions. Its only when man learns to be responsible that he will be able to use technology to its maximum efficiency. We are learning that now, slowly, but we’re getting there.

Rohan Malhotra

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/pikimota/2545303912/]