We would like answers, and rather quickly!

The fabled Indian resilience is in question once more or rather has come to the fore with more force and greater voice across the country. The public mood is angry and should stay so. We are a nation which forgives all too easily. That is what is costing us more lives from time to time, and we manage to stay quiet. We will hold some rallies, we will hear from the opposition leaders how inept the government is. What can us as people do? The governments make sure we don’t have a voice once the ballots are cast. We have no way to tell them what is right and why something is unacceptable. This is why the government which has proven inept in handling issues of internal security manages to do nothing in the regard.

In my part, I would like to point out and elaborate on issues rather strongly dealt with by our media houses and certain others which have been wrongly ignored by everyone in the consistent relaying of events.

The calling of ISI chief was to show diplomatic muscle upon Pakistan. What sense it made to call him, goes beyond anybody. Knowing fully well that a civilian government can never really be in-charge, the IB actually asks them to send the top intelligence chief. As it turns out, the Pakistan Army has shown the Pak Govt. its real place and reminded them of their perpetrating existence.. Former ISI chief Lt. Gen. Durrani has stated clearly, that the army would not reflect such a decision. Why are we not capable in mobilising international opinion against the hub of terror and source of it? We cannot even exert ourselves on Bangladesh really.

The government has no reason why it should delay a court order of hanging Afzal Guru, who has been cleared by the SC for hanging. Why does a government show that it is not capable of executing a fundamental order? Why do we have to give out a hint of softness from our side, even though our economic and military muscle is no doubt, strong enough to back us? It pinches to look the victim here. Why should we give in to our seeming incapacities, is something beyond the sensibilities of the citizens of India. We should have been on the fore of the war on terror with our experience; instead we are the victim which is losing more blood by the moment!

Having said all this, a solution is imminent. We are a country which pampers the rich and make sure they have no problem. We do not care enough if the poor live or die. The poor do not have a voice, even if they go and cast their ballots. The rich almost always sit at home and manage to reap all the benefits without much concern. They fund campaigns so, they are important for the political parties. Politicians should be indebted that a country chooses them to represent them. In the terror attack in Mumbai, the first to die were not in Taj or Oberoi but in Chatrapati ShivajiTerminus or the CST; how many even reflected on the plight of that side of the city, when we saw that the rich and mighty are having a rough time. It is a grim reminder, that you have let the terrorists get bold. Today they have had the most iconic building of the country’s financial hub, for them the political hub is going to be the next aim.

There are a lot of vote banks a political party can exploit. Sadly the one bank which should really be the one is not a question at all, the citizen vote bank. The country has to learn to rise above pettiness of cast, creed, and religion and choose leaders who can truly reflect their wishes. We need to demand from them that they cannot take our resilience for granted. Why has the government waited till more and more people die in the lap of terror, before resignations came calling? Sadly, the solution isn’t this. That’s because the market places and the by lanes are places which have little choice but to rely on the government! When would the GOI- every segment that there is- really respect our wishes? We are tired of listening to the same few lines everyday and after every terror strike. Please do not test us more. We deserve peace; this is the message to this government!
Abhik Sen
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