Wearable Computers

Yo quiero! “I want!”; a statement due to which this world has revolutionized. Funny, how two words created wonders, but if we never asked, never would such inventions come along. As we know, necessity is the mother of invention and it truly falls for everything you might think of. Food, clothes, house, bags etc. One highly dynamic field, the field of science and technology; the field with no full stop. This very field had brought along incredible discoveries in its path.


Wearable computers happen to be something that all of us know, but are not aware of. It is the finest of the computer intelligence inventions. Remember the pocket watch our grandfathers used? Well, that is the first ever wearable computer. The recumbent bicycle, the watch with video games and pens with camera, all have the technicalities of being mobile.


We had these unusual wishes of watching movies without any disturbance, not wanting to move an inch while watching. Your wish has come true in the form of the head mounted display; a device which is fixed on like a normal pair of eyeglasses, attached is a small screen and headphones to give you no disturbance viewing. The yet to commercialize products are the mobile phone which can be strapped on your wrist, the jacket with an inbuilt iPod controller, pen with cutlery enhancements and loads more to come.


These great productions amuse us, but has this thought ever entered about technology taking over the world? Sounds like the story of a Robot, but believe me, at the rate we are going, this might be the state. No, I’m not talking about robotic or alien wars, but about a war against ourselves, a war against health issues, a war against the economic downfall and mainly a war against this superfast timeline. It’s great to know how easy and extensive our lifestyles have become. The essence of personal touch has just gone. We have become greedy, we want all, and we want everything. A world of greed is growing in its complete totality. Yes, this has become a social science lesson, but it does need a little deep thinking.


This very techno savy world has brought in with it, a few tacks in which are important in nature. Like the future force army. This technology includes special suits with protection of 3 layers, 360. Viewing helmet and armed armours. Therefore, there is a lot of wearable technology which has proved beneficial and will continue to in the future.


Our wants have increased and what has increased is the ability to fulfil these wants. The universe is dynamic; therefore, we have a long way to go. In this very time of terror, we should use our very intelligence in bringing about peace and making our lives better. In conclusion , the very concept of wearable computers have brought a whole new field of expertise and study and to everyone, a new thing to crave for and maybe a new reason for us to work harder.


Anindita Kannan

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenseyed/2647852647/]