Weekend Music Playlist


So this weekend if plan to just relax at home and do nothing then we have something interesting arranged for you. We have created a mix of songs that will help you reconnect to yourself and will re-energize you from the inside out.


#1 When I Grow Up – First Aid Kit

Genre – Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Psychedelic Pop

When I Grow Up is a beautiful cover of Fever Ray by two talented Swedish Sisters. The melody of the song is out of this world. You can feel it in your heart, real hard.


#2 Gravity – John Mayer

Genre – Soft Rock, Acoustic rock

The song talks about how reality is like Gravity which is never as pleasant as we envision. Mayor has put it together very well. You have to listen with your heart to feel the words.


#3 Beautiful Sunday – Daniel Boone

Genre – Pop, seventies music

Hum along to the song. It’s catchy, peppy, and uplifting! This song by Daniel Boone, written in1972, is sure to make your weekend bright and beautiful.


#4 Stand By Me – John Lennon

Genre – Rock, Pop

Also sung by Ben E.King and Pennywise, it is one of those few songs that will always be a great song to give a play to. The song captures the essence of each one of our feeling for that one person that we will always stand by, no matter what. Legendary Lennon effortlessly puts high notes into the song that will enthrall its listeners.


#5 Dead Sea – The Lumineers

Genre – Indie Folk, Rock

You’re just going to be awestruck by The Lumineers. Great band with a fantastic song. You would end up asking for more.


#6 Magic – Coldplay

Genre – Alternative Rock, Soft Rock

Magic is from Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories. This song is an amazing piece of art that will stay with you for more than just today.


#7 Holocene – Bon Iver

Genre – Indie Folk, Folk Rock

Holocene is a metaphor for “when you’re not doing well.” It’s also about redemption and realizing that you’re worth something; that you’re special and not special at the same time. The lyrics are a beautiful symphony of words.


#8 What’s Up – Four Non-Blondes

Genre – Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Listen to the song and you would wish you knew what actually is going on. A wonderful song that will inspire and motivate you.


#9 Don’t look Back In Anger – Oasis

Genre – Britpop, Alternative Rock

Some say the song is similar to John Lennon’s songs but it’s an original masterpiece. Imagine a world we live in peace, and don’t look back in anger. Brilliant!


#10 Last Mile Home – Kings Of Leon

Genre – Alternative Rock, Garage Rock

A true gem, a treasure. You will absolutely adore the song. The artist portrays enormous talent. It just takes you away to another place for a while. Beautiful.

Heighten your energy with this playlist and have a happy weekend!

Valentina Telien Kom

Image Source [http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/017/b/e/urban_music_art_by_waqas_47-d37e6ti.jpg]