Welcome to Think

The dream goes on and The Viewspaper’s journey continues. Just like all the milestones that we have crossed till now, today we cross another one.

I am proud to present to you “THINK” an online community of the world’s most brilliant and young minds.

Think will provide a platform for young thinkers like you to discuss various topics of substance, to share your ideas and solutions on whatever is happening in the world.

Although serious in nature “THINK” will also allow you to share photographs, music and videos.

“THINK” aims to be an exclusive network of individuals who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Come join us. Invite your friends but not any friend. Invite friends who you believe are inspiring, who are intelligent, who are exceptional, who are thinkers.

The Viewspaper gave the youth a voice. Now it gives the youth a place. Let the world sit and notice what “THINK” has to say.

Its time to “THINK”

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