Well Made Global Adjustments

The world saw the greatest ever movements in economic reforms in 1970s and 80s when the whole world mired with each other in the name of what we now know as Globalization. This provided a relief to the struggling companies of the developed nations, which had been trying to get new markets to enlarge their toddy profits. Also, globalization paved the way for expatriates of smaller countries to find better jobs anywhere in the world.

Times changed and in the twentieth century, migration became a prime characteristic of globalization and this changed the dynamics of the businesses forever. The industries such as BPO and KPO were evolved which gave the answers to the issues of cheap and better services. Nowadays, not just services but manufactured goods are outsourced. This has truly transformed our world into a global village, where one manufactures and sells the thing in which he has the expertise. This phenomenon helps to reduce the cost and yet, better the quality of the product.

In the same scenario where globalization gave birth to free trade and free trade generated outsourcing, a new generic business found its ground, and that is of Relocation Service Providers (RSPs). This is something that is a dynamic panacea to all the problems and needs of migrants all over the globe. This budding biz works on the needs of a working professional and gets him or her much needed relief from the daily chores of finding a home and getting the indispensable items for the house. This is quite a well known concept in the western world where firms from different spheres of life form an array to serve the one who is completely new to the the country and its culture. The firms even go much ahead in terms of providing services and generally provide the complete knowledge of the culture, climatic cycles and crime to the client. The client can be a company, which hires the RSP for its foreign employee or the employee himself.

In India, this concept was first introduced by Global Adjustments, a firm founded thirteen years ago by Ranjini Manian – a lady with exceptional linguistic skills of multiple languages – and Joanne Grady Huskey – a Harvard educated and widely traveled American Foreign Service spouse. They started up with individual clients and then ran up to impress organizations by their personalized approach to the work and out of the box services. Today, Global Adjustments has over 1000 clients belonging to 70 nations and it charges anywhere between 2 to 6 lakh per person. Nonetheless, it provides direct employment to its 100 plus workers and generates a handsome premium for the firms that are having tie-ups with it. They include interiors and architectural firms, hotels, car services, etc. It has a direct presence in five Indian cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore. The firm is also planning an aggressive strategy to multiply its presence and portfolio in the next three years.

This gives one a handsome opportunity to cater to the whimsically large world of migrants that arrives on our land every year. However, some licensing and some infrastructure is vital for the survival of this highly personalized business module where having contacts pays better. So, if you have a flair for HR and an urge to settle people at alien places, this career is made for you only!

Saurabh Sharma

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anjan58/1281306048/]