Wharton business school

Wharton business school was the world’s first sophomoric business school set up in the year 1881. Wharton business school is one of the largest and the most renowned business schools across the world with a faculty strength of more than 250 members, each of them with their own set of specialization skills. The faculty involves both standing as well as associate members who have individually taken up the responsibility of making a leader out of every student in Wharton business school. The Wharton business school boasts a strength of 11 departments within its walls which stand at their own peaks. The various departments at the Wharton business school accounting, finance, business and public policy, insurance and risk management, health care management, management, Legal studies and business ethics, operations and information management, marketing, statistics and real estate. All these departments have the best faculty brought in from across the world and are also into enough of research work to keep the students at Wharton business school up to date with the current changes taking place in the business world. Such a diverse range of specialization courses allows the students to decide what might be the best suited course for themselves and not compromise on anything. There are 25 research centers associated with the Wharton business school. These research centers enables the students as well as the faculty to interact, discuss and debate on the various business challenges which a person might have to face keeping in mind the fast paced development in the world.

Wharton business school has around 4,500 students enrolled in their undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses. The Wharton business school alumni boasts a set of more than 85,000 people who have already made a name for themselves across the globe.

Business colleges such as Wharton business school, Harvard business school, Columbia business school, Kellogg business school, Yale business school, Stanford business school etc asre some of the leading business schools around the world.