What’s Fashion All About?

Oxford dictionary defines fashion as – a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour. It’s a current trend that a group of people tend to follow and/or practice. This of course, is a general definition of fashion. Fashion has become a part of our daily life; especially in the mind of a teenager. The college goers want to be updated about latest fads and happenings of the fashion world.

Collegiate Fashion: What’s behind it?

It is intriguing how students today find the time to accessorize between hectic lectures and lengthy assignments. They would much rather miss half a lecture than turn up with shabby hair. There are a few psychological aspects behind dressing up. Following fashion and looking good acts as an ego boost for some people. It’s hard to refute the sense of satisfaction at being visually attractive.

Quite often, first impressions are made on the basis of physical appearance. Young people look to smarten themselves up for such occasions. It’s like an entry point from whereon they can exhibit their intelligence/aptitude. For others, it’s a chance to assert their individuality. Dressing rebelliously can be an outlet for otherwise suppressed emotions. What you feel can be portrayed through what you wear.

Some people subscribe to fashion trends in order to avoid being ostracized by society. Being a fashion nescient could result in social banishment; especially in college. It’s not necessary that every teen enjoys fashion.

Hot Trends: What’s In?

Nowadays, fashion in college is mostly comfort oriented.
For the ladies – jeggings, a cross between jeans and leggings, are proving to very popular. Coupled with a loose-fitting tunic or tee, this could be the perfect combination. Loose fitting tees with fitted waistbands are also good. If you decide to go ethnic; a free-flowing kurti, with jeans or churidaar, are your safest bet.

Checkered shirts are also proving to be a rage. Those comfortable ganjis with harem pants are a runaway hit. Although people associate glasses with nerds; it’s good to have a pair of colourful, retro specs. An accessory like rings and lockets are also in. a big handbag that fits everything is a must.

For the gents – guys don’t generally fret over what to wear every day. Tees printed or otherwise, are always popular because of the comfort they provide. There is a lot of focus on facial hair. Goatees, French bears, moustaches etc. are in vogue. Carefully kept unkempt hair is also trending. With guys there’s a lot more brand consciousness. They would ideally like to sport tees, jackets and shoes of Reebok or Adidas. Gelled up hair, just the right amount; paired with aviators, could prove stylish. Skinny jeans have faded out. Comfort wear is in.


Bollywood has always been very influential in the fashion related decisions of the youth. Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’ tees are a huge hit. From classy showrooms to street shops, these tee shirts are being sold everywhere. This year, however, a different kind of influence is seen. Anna Hazare tees and caps are selling like hot cakes all over. Societal issues have also started affecting college fashion.

Fashion, especially at college level, should be about individuality and youthfulness. Experimentation is fine as long as it doesn’t result in obscenity. Fashion is like music; to each his own. Fashion should not be about imposing trends on people. It should be about comfort and expression.

Anirudh Madhavan