I was lazily scanning the Sunday newspaper, and my eyes opened wide with excitement at a laptop which looked simply ‘oooh-so-sexy’! Seriously, it looked cool and classy, plus it’s the ‘newest’ thing in town! Dramatic images of me ‘showing off’ this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l gadget to my friends played in my mind for a few minutes, until my conscience politely knocked on my head and asked, “How necessary is this gadget for you?”

Poof! My ‘celebrity’ daydreams vanished as I pondered over this question. I already have a laptop that performs excellently, with quite a great range of functionalities and applications – so, why did I need this ‘new’ laptop? To be honest, it had the same features and applications, except for it’s gorgeous looks and cost – it was similar to the laptop I already own. This made me wonder even further, ‘why do we keep hankering after this ‘new’ status?’

Go to any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, go through the statuses and messages – what do you get to read? The most common messages are – “Hey guys, just bought my new BB Bold!!! It is sooooo cool! Yippee!!!’ or, “Vrooming in my new car – check out the pics!”Or, the most common one we all get to hear these days – “Settling down in my new job!! Excited to begin this new journey!!”

If you have keen observation skills, you would have noticed how popular the word ‘new’ has become! This ‘new’ fad has gone to the extent of boogying with ‘relationships’ too. From what I get to hear these days, it’s all about people updating about the ‘new’ guy or girl in their life. It’s become like a fashion trend – to have something or someone NEW!

It seems like our attention and attachment spans have rapidly taken the route down a deep black hole – we don’t seem to see both of them around these days.

Brainwashed with fancy gizmos, uber-cool software, high trend designer wear, high ranking business statuses and luxury products, it’s of little surprise that countless number of people are sucked into this gambit of ‘Who’s smart to get the newest thing in town?’

In all this era of bombardment, we are gradually forgetting about our natural selves. We’re all going around, pretending to be ‘Masters of the Bling’. How insecure have we become that we succumb to these ‘flashy’ products to assert ourselves in this shallow world?

It’s completely fine if you purchase a commodity out of ‘necessity’ in order to implement it for a useful cause, but if you purchase a product to gain admirers, attention and to be among the ‘in’ gang, then it’s time for you to introspect and to understand your inner self. What is it that drives you to ‘behave’ this way when you know it’s not the real you?

It’s about time that we snap out of this state of hypnosis!


She is a happy-go-lucky lady, who goes with the flow of life as it courses through high, rough terrain to soothing plains. Forever a learner, an eternal optimist [who whines now and then] but she gets back on her feet before you can say ‘Yikes!’ She is a true believer of the motto – “Whatever happens, happens for good.”