What’s With The World?

The world seems like it is at the beginning of a superhero cartoon movie with that ubiquitous black cloud looming over it. Except that there is no superhero and the depression continues to lie so thick in the air that one could cut a pie out of it. The deaths, the blasts, killings, and quakes- everything is so unnerving.

What is with the world, really?

One fine day, you hear about a cannibal in Noida who feasts on little kids. Few months later, a few kilometers in the vicinity of the previous incident, a 14-year old girl and her domestic help are found murdered.

Down South, in Chennai, a psychopath serial killer is brutally murdering off watchmen. And suddenly bombs blast off in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad injuring many, killing few; scaring and scarring the entire nation!

If these are the kind of headlines India is waking up to every morning, the rest of the world has nothing better to look at either, with their own storehouse of such macabre acts!

Now, really, what’s the world coming to?

The foghorns of peace, harmony and brotherhood seem forgotten, and brutality and violence have taken a stronghold on the nations. Like the clutch of the iguana, this seems difficult to get away from no matter how much the security and vigilance is increased.

For how much longer can we remain constantly vigilant? Is this really a death knell to those happy days when kids hopped across streets, the old could loiter in the parks and people had a friendly smile to the stranger on the streets?

Everyone seems creepy and having an ulterior motive, a fake façade and a scary inner secret!

We need to wake up! Love and care seem to be forgotten. Let us tell the world that this is a place for simple happiness and smiles.

Happily-ever-afters are not just for fairy tales. They could be translated into real life- but only if all of us take the initiative.

One act of cruelty, one word that is unkind is what triggers off the wave of hatred in criminals- so researches on the criminal psyche indicate. If the world decides to sweep out their inner vices and look with- not the rose-tinted- but the clear white glasses, maybe…just maybe, the world will seem happier.

You needn’t be overly nice to your neighbour. But be civil and polite.

Don’t kick off the street dog, just ignore it.

The old homeless lady at your office steps maybe needs a friendly smile than a coin.

We need not be universal cheerleaders but we need to keep our cheer intact. Like a flap of a single butterfly possibly triggering off mammoth-sized reactions, according to chaos theory, a smile, a hug, a wave and a spirit of life is maybe all that is required!

Maybe this sounds clichéd, preachy, didactic or like that feel-good-email you trash from your inbox…but you don’t have to lose out on anything with these simple acts! Give it a chance. The world may, after all, become a better place to live in…

Sandhya Ramachandaran


[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beija-flor/352352154/]