What About Hemraj?

The Aarushi-Hemraj Murder case – a gruesome murder. A tragic loss for their families respectively. May their souls rest in peace.

The Police – not exactly Sherlock Holmes or the Scotland Yard. Under trained and under paid, I don’t expect anything great from them. And I don’t blame them for their shabby work.

The Media – a rudimentary demonic resurrection. The most evil beast lurking in our country which makes their rupee by exploiting anything and everything. The biggest embarrassment of the country. They deserve the majority vote for everything that is wrong in India. NDTV and CNN IBN are the saving grace.

The People – the most gullible lot of infective creatures. Very similar to modeling clay, but much more vicious. They believe whatever the media says. They make themselves self proclaimed judges, constables and saints. They love to talk about mainstream nonsense because they seem to care, join groups on social websites to show their apathetic concern and pass their homegrown judgment on things that they don’t relate to in any way whatsoever.

The media and the press have a very important duty. They are empowered with providing the people of the country with information and news, so that one is updated with the happenings and mishaps taking place in the country and the world. They are a medium of communicating with the public. They have a very strong power which needs to be controlled and regulated. It is no surprise that our Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have made only a feeble attempt in doing what they need to. The media not only provides irrelevant information, but they force opinions onto the public. They make a run for their money by severely exploiting news items such that their viewership increases. They feed upon people’s miseries and make a ruckus of the facts available. They mould the people’s opinion as their own. The people, on the other hand, get hypnotized by the dramatic show put on by news channels and print media to such a degree that they add fuel to the fire and invigorate the press to step up their drama. It is like an obscene strip show. The press strip bare the news as people continue to ogle and love to have more shown to them. The people love to talk about it. Make groups on Facebook and Orkut act like they care and vigorously discuss such issues to the point that the press go into an ecstatic high and blow everything out of sane proportions.

We all have instigated this murder. We all have spoken so much about it and hence made it sensational. We ourselves have encouraged the media to tear the Talwar family into tiny little bits and pieces. The media forced the police to come out with an explanation. They mocked our law enforcers, proclaiming themselves to do better jobs. Under the sheer public pressure and lack of professionalism, the police had to come up with a suspect and make an arrest. They pinned it first on Hemraj and then on the father on pure circumstantial evidence. They stripped poor Aarushi’s innocence, and the media went into a frenzy. The people watched and enjoyed every bit of it. They watched more as more twists materialized. They talked even more and unanimously considered her father to be the murderer. The people instigated the whole affair; shredded apart their already devastated family. The press and the public have no right, read NO right whatsoever to call her father a murderer. We were not present at the crime scene. Save for family and friends, we are not related to the case in any way except in a pure humanitarian sense.

Aarushi and Hemraj’s murder was tragic and gruesome, agreed. But it was a murder at that. If we all actually care then why do we not all have candlelight vigils and communities on Facebook and Orkut about the many that die everyday and all those poor minors who get raped and killed by perverted individuals? Oh wait! They all are not from good schools, are they? They all are from a ‘weaker’ section of society are they not? If you can only face one side of it and ignore the other side, then you have a major problem with reality itself. We all love to talk about the divide between the rich and the poor. But aren’t we the ones instigating that divide by sensationalizing the murders and rapes of the rich while turning away from the same of the poor? This murder took up show-time on news channel for almost 20 hours a day. Several pages were covered in the newspaper. No one cared about anybody else’s death. The issue was named “Aarushi murder case” and not “Aarushi – Hemraj murder case”.

Here is a reality check:

– 10 yr old Nitin Nayak gets crushed under Blueline bus in Uttam Nagar. TOI – 16/05/08

– Hemraj is Aarushi’s killer. TOI 17/05/08

– 6 yr old girl, a rickshaw puller’s daughter, found raped and stabbed to death. The article appears on page 7 and they didn’t even name her. TOI 17/05/08.

– Oh Hemraj is innocent. And dead. TOI 18/05/08

– 8 yr old killed by squall, 4yr old killed by candle fire, 18 yr old beaten up and 2 honor killings. TOI 19/05/08

– 6 yr old Shabana buried alive. Candlelight vigil for Aarushi starts. TOI 20/05/08

– 6 yr old, 14 yr old and a youth. All dead in separate incidents. TOI 21/05/08

– Aarushi makes it to front page and full of 2nd page. TOI 22/05/08

– 9 yr old electrocuted to death due to negligence. TOI 23/05/08

– Board results out. Some suicides. Page 4, 5 and 6 titles reads “TIMES CITY | AARUSHI MURDER”. Headlines reads “Dad killed Aarushi”. Also, an 8 yr old was molested by teacher. TOI 24/05/08

– 12 yr old raped. Page 4 titled “TIMES CITY | AARUSHI MURDER”. TOI 25/05/08

– Aarushi murder pops up in “MY TIMES | MY VOICE” where several people make their baseless comments. 19 yr old girl stabbed to death. Cops now not convinced that her dad did commit the crime. TOI 26/05/08.

So there you go. That is 10 day’s worth of events following this sensational murder. The case obviously made front page every single day. We created a perfect situation for the media to feast upon this case. We further created a gap between the rich and the poor. A rickshaw puller’s daughter may not be from DPS and her parents may not be dentists. Does it mean that she is extraneous? Why not create a hue and cry about that? I am not saying it is wrong to pay our respects to those who have departed. But it is a crime against humanity to be selective about it. Just because Aarushi’s case is more mainstream does not justify overlooking the murder of someone from a poorer section of society. Hemraj’s murder seems so insignificant even though it is part of the same case. No one did a candlelight vigil. No one cared to go meet his family. Do we not care about him? We just presented a perfect model of the rich-poor divide. And surely, it was not the age difference.

We need to mourn her loss silently. It is a sacrifice we must make so it is less upsetting for her family. Honestly may her soul rest in peace. I mean peace and not a mockery as it has been made out to be. Making it sensational only makes matters worse. It just provides fuel to the sick fire ignited by the press. It has already devastated her family. Added insult to a grisly injury. Let us silence ourselves for her sake. The media and the press will not stop till we continue to fuel them.

I say again, I mean NO offense or hurt to Aarushi and Hemraj’s family and friends. I only intend to dampen the public instigation. I intend to be a drop of poison for those media houses and those press agencies that exploit issues like this murder.

Udayvir Singh Yadav

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