What an Attention Seeker…

The goal of Indian sex symbol Poonam Pandey is nothing short of world peace, and she intends to achieve it by stripping down to her bikini from the privacy of her own bedroom. And, oh yeah, YouTube.

That’s why it’s big news that Paris Hilton has begun following her on Twitter and may be the most significant advance in “East Meets West” diplomacy since Gandhi called for the great Salt March protest more than 80 years ago.

In less than a year, 20-year-old Poonam Pandey has managed to both inflame anger and inspire devotion in her fans and detractors around the world with the simple mantra of “Bikini is not vulgar.”

And she’s backed up the novel concept in her own country by promising to strip down to her nearly bare essential on live TV at various championship cricket matches around the nation.

When traditionalist public officials threatened arrest–and worse–she took to “camming” on YouTube to deliver the goods from the privacy of various rooms in her own home. Mostly her bedroom…

The result is a worldwide phenomenon which hovers between those who express outright hatred and those who find it to be a guilty pleasure. It’s very likely the lines have been blurred, since surfing the web in private is becoming a daily leisure time activity for close to 2 billion people. That’s a vast, untapped audience, and people going to hate.

So, of course, Paris Hilton is interested.

On her recent promotional tour to various cities in India, she was spreading her own message of conspicuous consumption, smoothed over by personal charisma and the ignoring of personal shame by less open-minded people.

Given her own spectacular success, as both a media star and hardheaded businesswoman, “Bikini is not vulgar” must make some real sense to Paris Hilton. So she jumped on the bandwagon by following Poonam Pandey on Twitter.

The world is poised on the tip of a confluence of these two great rivers, and a thirsty landscape can only benefit from those life-giving waters. If the trend continues, the meeting of these two great minds (and awesome bods) marks a turning point in global cultural dynamics. 80 years from now the world may well observe that YouTube has helped to unite the planetary populous in pursuit of the wild Bikini.

And that’s a good thing, right?

Have a look at one of the news clips causing all the fuss. It turns out that Poonam Pandey’s racy YouTube videos are taken down almost as quickly as she uploads them.

But, no worries! She’s starting up her own “Coming Soon” website promising 24/7 bikini bearing. So get ready for the Revolution.

And, this time, hold the salt…

Anjali Gupta