What Does The Youth Really Care About?

YouthThere is a meaning and importunacy in examining weather the youth really care about their society, when we embark on answering what does the youth really care. As far as my understanding is concerned, the youth really care about their community.

The action resulting from the genuine care of the youth has set the foundation for the progress of most communities If we look at the past, we see, from Sri Lanka to India, Chile to Serbia, and Iran to Philippines, there is a long list of instances, where the youth have played a vital role in evolution of their communities.

It is pertinent to draw an example from my own hometown ‘Jaffna’ to explain this argument. The youth in the past did well to contribute to the growth of ‘Jaffna society’. According to an article UTHR (J) website, it is the youth of Jaffna, represented the youth congress during 1920s, and dominated the political activities of the Tamils. (UTHR (J))

The youth congress had been the back bone of the Tamil politics, committed to self governance (Swaraj) and pluralistic nationalism. As Kadirgamar mentioned the eradication of inequalities, respect and tolerance for all religious faiths, the development of local trade and industries, the revival of national literature, art and music and the teaching of Tamil in schools in south Ceylon and Sinhalese in schools in north Ceylon were other prime objectives of youth congress, and the youth of Jaffna had been inspired by this. The youth had been the driving force behind the many notable successes of the ‘Jaffna community’ in the socio-political and Economic contexts. (Kadirgammar)

Furthermore untouchability and the dowry system are gradually disappearing from the Jaffna community. The credit for this change goes to the youth, as they are becoming the change they want to see. Youthm in general, care about issues such as corruption, diversity, untouchability, armed culture of impunity etc. There is no doubt that they strongly care about their societies. A Harvard study has found that 60% of youth are involved as volunteers in many organizations to help society. (Hansra.H)

More often than not, they believe in actions, not in words. These are the people who are supposed to take the responsibility of the future of their communities. They realize that it is their responsibility not only to care about themselves, but also to care about their society. Indeed very rightly they do both of this.

Selvarajah Mathangie
Colombo, Sri Lanka