What I Learned!

Steve Jobs was given up for adoption on birth, but his biological parents eventually married and had another child, who is Steve Job’s biological sister. Jobs search for his biological family eventually led to his mother and his sister, but after learning about his father, he had no wish to meet the man.

In an uncanny turn of events, the man with the Apple legacy found out that he actually did meet his father years earlier, without realizing the family connection at the time. It happened when the Apple executive went out to dine one day and the man running this trendy restaurant, that catered to high-profile people, extended his hand to meet the famous Jobs. The man turned out as Abdulfattah Jandali, Jobs biological father, but neither of the two men knew this at that point.

It wasn’t until years later that Jobs and Jandali realized that the two were father and son. When Jandali gave an interview after meeting Jobs, he said “he was a good tipper,” but little did he know that good tipper was actually his son. The two never met again or even spoke to one another again, according to the NY Daily News.

Jandali, who found out in 2006 that Jobs was his son, said it was his Syrian pride that kept him from reaching out and calling Jobs, even once knowing he was on his death-bed. He never wanted Steve to think he reached out to him because he was after his great fortune. He waited for his son to make the first move, which never happened.

Jobs, who didn’t realize Jandali was his father as he shook his hand that day, described the incident to the author of his biography as “I shook his hand and he shook my hand and that’s all.” It’s too bad that Jandali didn’t make the first move, saying that his pride kept him from doing so is no excuse. He missed out on getting to know one of the most fascinating and brilliant men in modern-day history.

It sounds like after meeting his biological mother and sister and hearing that his father abandoned the family, that Jobs had no use for his father. The biography is full of unknown stories about this famous Apple executive, some are light-hearted and other’s pull at the heart.

Chloe Larkin