What If The Time That Has Passed Was Our Happiest Time?


Our lives are the most intriguing part of, well our lives. We have grand plans of celebrating it, and rejoicing its existence, however tragic or hopeful or sad it is, it is still a gift to be cherished. We have all been attuned to the idea of a ‘happily ever after’. Every life starts from once upon a time, and as per custom and mostly by default, it should end by the ever-after notion. We are hopeful throughout our lives, so as to attain our moment of pure joy, but what if it just doesn’t happen?

It’s a pessimistic thought but also full of possibilities, refuting the notions that are fed to us since our childhood. We are made to believe the existence of soulmates, so what if he/ she indulges in some playful abuses, they still are our soulmates right? Our parents decide everything in our lives and we accept it, because they are always right, so what if it was someone’s dad decision to change their daughter into a woman? So what if, life has taken a bad turn, there’s hope coming just around the corner, right?

I was told from my childhood that I am special, but now I am excruciating myself to find the ‘special’ in me. Apparently, everyone has some speciality in them, don’t they?

We have all read books and seen movies, wherein, in the end it all gets fine, there is no shred of hardships that are to be suffered. Life has tested them once, and they passed it with great difficulty, however, the trials and tribulations always come in with a promise, a promise of hope and a better and dignified life. However, does the life get better overall, or does it get better by comparison?

There are no answers to such questions, no societal norms or by-default motivational quotes can answer it; it is subjective in nature and should be handled likewise. Happy ending doesn’t come for all, for some it has passed, for some it might come, and for some it might not come at all.

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We would always refute someone else’s experience because it won’t teach us a thing, everyone has their own ways of learning it and getting the experience to live from that, after all, we are our best teachers. Sansa Stark didn’t evolve to become a badass because women around her talked about their hardships, she got badass because she experienced things first-handedly, and it made her a better and a stronger version of herself. On similar lines, we cannot take cues from all this ‘happily-ever after’ or ‘bad things happen to good people’ and many more notions, till we don’t witness them for ourselves.

Life isn’t fair, and it isn’t fair for all. One might not see a single hardship, while other may spend the entire existence dreading the essence of life. It is subjective, and everyone should make rules for their life on their own, rather than adhering and hopefully staring at the notions we read. There’s a reason books and movies enjoy a cult following; it isn’t because they are amazing, which obviously they are, but their exclusivity lies in the fact that they both promise us something we lack. They both promise a life full of surprises and a happy ending, which to be honest, comes to the luckier ones.

Sometimes, I just wonder, in the quest of reaching towards the big ball of light that symbolises hope, are we further falling into an abyss? Are we further travelling way from actually living our real life and not aiming for the fantasy-one?

Bad times come, so do the good ones, and as far as the ‘happily ever after’ is concerned, it might or might not come. Don’t have hope in the idea of it’s existence, have hope in yourself for achieving and wanting things that would not just suffice you, but thrive you.

Yugansha Malhotra

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