An internship is something that is meant to give you a certain amount of exposure in the field that you aim to build a career in. An internship also helps you figure out how good you would be in that field and how good the field is for you. While we are in college most of us are not aware of the intricacies of any profession. It might appear to us that a particular field is a cake walk, but the reality might stand as a stark contrast to our opinions.

Many of us choose to go with the flow when it comes to choosing a career. What seems to be the most sensible option out of the very many options that one comes across is chosen by most. It is after one or two years into the career that you find out that you are unsuited for it. Internship saves you from ending up in such a situation. If you intern in that field for even a month chances are that you would find out about the industry, enough to help you decide if you even want to pursue it further.

Internships are usually of short duration and are of absolute importance in industries like advertising. Everybody joins the ad agencies as interns as it is very important to know how a company functions in order to rise up the ladder in that company. Internships might not be a necessary criterion in many industries, but prior knowledge of the industry is always appreciated in job interviews. The internship, hence, gives you that extra edge over others. In the competitive world that we inhabit having that edge is of great benefit.