What is Spiritual Intelligence?


What Is Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Quotient All About?

The literal meaning of the term quotient is “a degree or amount of a specific quality”. In simple words it is a measure of a particular characteristic.

And in the field of Psychology there are two major quotients namely Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which measures rational intelligence and Emotional Quotient (EQ) which measures emotional intelligence.

In the early 20th century, IQ was considered to be the key criteria for a person to be successful in life. And it was in the mid- nineties that Mr. Daniel Goleman came up with the concept of EQ which deals with the feelings of self and others. He was of the view that without EQ our thinking capacity is hindered.

However, in the late twenties Dana Zohar introduced a completely new concept; Spiritual Intelligence (SI). And the tool to measure it was named Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

I think that Spiritual intelligence is lacking in today’s times but before I make that claim I think it’s better for us to understand what the term actually means.

When we hear the word “Spirituality” the first thing that comes to our mind is that it might be something related to practices like meditation, or maybe a  spiritual person. Isn’t it?

But that’s where we are wrong. It refers to the study which is greater than the self.

By this I don’t mean you should detach yourself from the world and go to Himalayas to attain sanyas (retirement from worldly pleasures). No.

Spiritual intelligence refers to the capacity to transcend the feelings of ego, jealousy and anger and recognize our true self.

In life we face numerous situations when we get stressed or nervous due to petty reasons. For example: A student attempts suicide when he fails in examinations, employee gets upset when he is yelled at by his boss; teenagers get offended by their friends’ comments, etc.

Why do we fail to understand that all this is not worth hurting our self? And this is exactly what you realize when you are spiritually intelligent.

To conclude my point I would like to share a message from Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda before dying gave a responsibility to mankind: Man- Making; “Man making means a harmonious development of the body, mind and soul”

So what is going to be your first step to achieve spiritual intelligence?

Neha Shetty

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