What The Australia-New Zealand Face-Off Means For Indian Fans


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It’s that time of year, when all the cricket crazies from the world are glued onto to their television sets irrespective of the timezone they are in. After India’s winning streak burnt up against Australia, the morale of Indian audiences dropped a real time low.

The country’s news channels aren’t following the no harm no foul policy either. Arnab Goswami is dying to take more jibes inspite of the uproar against him.
Indian audiences are on a real time high today though. Why would an Indian fan support New Zealand?
I guess the answer is quite obvious. While Brendon McCullum has written to India for its’ undying support today; we as a country are already predisposed to give it to them. Australia’s relationship with Indian audiences is that of a cat & dog. We would let anyone win over us but not Australia. Is it that we’re bad sports? Not really.
I think it is more to do with the fact that Indian’s appreciate good play, fair play but not the sledging. Bully me now, is definitely not our cry. And Aussies continue to play the wild card of superiority. They are a good team, a strong team and respected for their performance but what infuriates even a 14 year old Indian boy watching them play is their hollow bravado. It’s a match and at the end of the day the best man should win. If the best man is going to gloat about it, his glory deflates like a unhinged balloon.
The New Zealand is a team that strikes with the right power, their game play is good. It is about dedication than sheer glory. While, they haven’t won a single World Cup tournament, they’ve continue to strive hard for it. Today is a the day that can make the team’s cricket career. It is of grave importance to them as a country. Thousands of Black Caps will be raised in their honour if they win, and come home with their first World Cup trophy.
For India it’s a big day for the sheer reason that we’d like to see Australia lose to someone more capable & a team more respectable – a team that can take success with humility.
Are you rooting for the Kiwis?
Henna Pande
Image Source: The Viewspaper