What the Country is Infamous for!

  • Fodder Scam: The Fodder Scam, which soiled the name of the Former Chief Minister of Bihar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, was a massive Rs.950 crore! This scam involved the fabrication of fictitious livestock for which fodder, medicines and animal husbandry equipment was supposedly procured! Amit Khare brought this issue out in the public and subsequently the CBI took over the issue!


  • Vanishing Companies Scam: Apparently, some 600 companies, which had generated money from the public, had disappeared from the market in 1998! P.Chidambaram thus ordered a probe by the SEBI. As ordered, the SEBI conducted a raid in the same year, and revealed that the companies had gone missing! These companies had generated almost Rs. 318.78  crore and were simply missing! This happened in May 1998 and the probe is still on!

  • Stamp Paper Scam: The main accused of the Stamp Paper Scam, Abdul Karim Telgi earned money largely by printing counterfeit stamp paper in India. As Telgi started printing fake stamp paper, he appointed 300 agents who then sold the fakes to bulk purchasers including banks, insurance companies and share broking firms! This amounted to almost Rs.20,000 crores!

  • Scorpene Scam: The Scorpene Deal Scam has gone down in History as one of the largest corruption bribery scandals! Apparently, Rs. 500 crore was allegedly paid to the decision makers by the makers of Scorpene! The amount was channeled via the middlemen such as Abhishek Verma! Also involved was Ravi Shjankaran, a relative of the then chief of Navy staff Arun Prakash. He was the prime accused in the Navy war room scandal and was selling defense documents to Thales!


  • Satyam Scam: Satyam Computers, the name which has now become synonymous with corruption, was founded by Ramalinga Raju in the year 1987! In 2009, Raju claimed that Satyam accounts had been falsified over the years! He was charged under a dupery to the tune of  Rs.7000 crore!


  • Mining Scam: During his tenure, Madhu koda, the former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, was charged with laundering money over 4000crores. His assets included hotels, three companies in Mumbai, a property in Kolkata a hotel in Thailand and a coalmine in Liberia! This Scam was the largest scam unearthed that year!

  • Commonwealth Games Scam: The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Commonwealth Games is in tuned to a scam of a staggering 70,000 crores! After extensive inquiry it was found that a corrupt Kalmadi manipulated various contracts! As a result of which all his associates and allies are implicated in the scam and are suffering a sentence!